5 Qualities to Look for In a Persian Rug Dealer

When it comes to purchasing a Persian or Oriental rug, you do want to research the history of these textiles and study the factors that make them valuable so that you’ll be sure to end up purchasing a quality rug.

But the same could be said of finding a rug dealer from whom to purchase the rug: you want to do some due diligence here so that you know the dealer is trustworthy and has your interests foremost in his mind.

To help you find this type of dealer, we’ve put together a short list of five qualities you should look for when you search for a seller of fine Persian and Oriental rugs.

  1. Look for a dealership that has been in business in your area or region for several years.

Longevity in place is a sign that the business is well run and that customers trust it. A store or rug dealership that holds a going-out-business sale only to pop up in a different location a short while later could be an indication that the store’s owners aren’t truly trustworthy.

  1. Make sure the dealer shows you rugs that are in your budget, not his.

If you tell a dealer that you can spend only X dollars, if he starts showing you more expensive rugs, be wary. The dealer could be honest, but if you’ve told a salesperson or the store owner that you want a rug at one price and he shows you rugs at higher prices, that could be a sign that the dealer is focused more on making a high commission or larger margin, instead of helping you find a rug that’s beautiful and fits your budget.

  1. If you want to see only hand-knotted rugs, be cautious if you notice he’s showing you machine-made or hand-tufted rugs.

This is why it’s important that you understand how to tell the difference between a hand-knotted and a machine-made or hand-tufted rug: being able to spot when a dealer is showing you a hand-tufted rug when you asked to see only hand-knotted rugs is a big red flag. It could be an honest mistake, but you may want to be careful when dealing an Oriental/Persian rug seller who does this.

  1. Stay away from rug auctions that say they are selling rugs seized by U.S. Customs.

Such sales are fraudulent. Why? Because they are selling rugs that were supposedly to have been seized by Customs and any goods seized by U.S. Customs must be sent out of the county because these goods aren’t allowed to be sold in the U.S.

  1. True hand-knotted Persian and Oriental do cost more.

The artists that weave a hand-knotted rug take months – sometimes years – to create just one rug. Each of the rug’s thousands of knots is knotted by hand, a skill that takes years for someone to master, let alone to become an expert at it.

So be very cautious of someone who says he will sell you a hand-knotted Tabriz rug with 600 knots per square inch (KPI) for $150.

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