Thanksgiving Visiting Pets and your Rugs.

Visiting Pets Thanksgiving
Visiting Pets Thanksgiving

Which one of these visiting pets was a bad house guest?

Why do some visiting pets act up when visiting your house?

Be careful with visiting pets and your fine Persian and Oriental rugs.

It is a good idea for the host to monitor all pets and the time they have to roam the house. It does not take more than a few minutes for an unsupervised dog to tear, chew and sometimes eat part of your favorite rug.

Dogs sometimes try to help clean the rug by licking up old organic spots but end up going too deep.

Dogs they are curious, playful, adventurous, hunters, when they visit a new environment generally they smell and sniff the area to find the trail of other animals, then become territorial, protective, suspicious and investigative.  When dogs find unfamiliar odors from other pets or food spots they will start chewing, marking and pawing to remove these areas!

Visiting Pet Ate My Rug
Visiting Pet Ate My Rug


Persian Tabriz Wool and Silk Rug damaged by visiting dog
who caused $8,000.00 damage during just one phone call!

Hand tufted rugs that have a backing and a layer of glue and a fabric backing give off odors that attracts the dog and is unfamiliar to visiting causing them  to chew, mark and damage your rugs.

For your Fine Persian and Oriental rugs make sure you follow our article: Good to Know: How To Clean Fine Rugs ( with tips on cleaning your rugs at home) from  The Dallas Morning News  – these tips will help you to remove any food droppings to keep animals form licking/cleaning spots on your rug and damaging your rugs.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving feast and have a happy vacation. 2015