Antique Persian Sarouk


“This antique Persian rug is only 90 years old and may last another 100 years with proper care and use.” ~ Mr. Ben “Behnam” Tavakolian of Behnam Rugs Country of Origin: Iran Design: Persian Sarouk Pile: 100% Wool Foundation: 100% Cotton Size : 4’.4” x 6’.6” Age: 85 to 90 Years Color: Burgundy, Navy Condition:…Read More

Masterpiece Persian Qum Ardabil Gonbad Rug


“Masterpiece Fine Persian Silk Rug with master weaver signature on the rug: Family name Jamshidi.”~ Mr. Ben “Behnam” Tavakolian of Behnam Rugs Country of Origin: Iran Design: Persian Qum Ardabil Gonbad Pile: Pure Natural Silk Foundation: Pure Natural Silk Size : 4′.3″ x 6.’.7″ Age: 30 – 35 Years Color: Burgundy Condition: Excellent Replacement Value…Read More

Buying a Persian Rug as an Investment


Although the chances that you can buy an authentic Persian rug and then sell it five years later at considerable profit are very small, many people purchase these beautiful hand woven works of art because they know the rug can appreciate in value over the years. Read below for tips on how to purchase a…Read More

What Does A 100 Year Old Rug Look Like?


    What does a 100 year old rug look like? Here is an example of a Fine Persian Antique Rug. Country of Origin:   IRAN Design:    Persian Bijar with a Center Medallion Pile & Foundation: 100% Wool Size:    7’.10” X 11’.6” Age:       90 – 100 Years Old Colors:   Ivory and Antique Rust Condition:  Very Good…Read More

What does a High Quality Rug look like?


  What does a FINE QUALITY rug look like? Country of Origin:  Iran Design: Persian Tabriz Floral Pattern with a center medallion Pile:   Wool & Silk     Foundation: Silk Size:   9’.10” X 13’.4” Age:   40 to 50  Years Colors: Antique Rose/ Border bone color Condition:   Excellent Replacement Value  $55,000.00

Persian Tree of Life Rug Design Meaning


This rug design type is used as a reminder to desert living families of more plush lands. The direction from the roots to the heavens represent the mental travels from earthly to divine awareness. Persian Pam Tree represents fulfillment and blessings and fulfillment of secret wishes. Some types of trees represented are Cypress, Cedar, Willow,…Read More

Giving a Persian Rug as a Christmas Gift


As Christmas approaches (there are just a bit more than seven weeks remaining until December 25), you’re no doubt thinking about what to give as gifts to the special people in your life. We – of course! – think an authentic Persian or Oriental rug is the absolute perfect gift to present to someone. Here’s…Read More

History of flowers in Persian Rugs


The word for flower is Gul in Persian and the national flower of Iran is a Rose. Mr. Behnam says, “The red rose or Goleh Sorkh has a deeper meaning than just red rose but of the color for love , life and health.” Historically the flora or curvilinear carpet designs were strictly reproduced by…Read More

Persian Candy for Halloween


Our favorite sweet is a nougat called Gaz. This is a traditional Persian candy from Iran and the region of Isfahan. This Candy Is Served In Slices Perfect For Your Halloween Party. Traditional Gaz is made from the sweet milky sap of the desert plant called Angebin. The sap gives it a pleasant woodsy flavor…Read More

Test Your Rug Knowledge


•Do you know how old your rug is? A rug expert can look at the fringe of your rug and give you the age of your rug. •Where did my rug come from? A rug expert will look at the rug design, colors used and composition to give you this answer. Want to know for…Read More

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