How Much Does Oriental Rug Cleaning Cost


Oriental Rug Cleaning cost varies based on a number of factors. Not all rugs are made the same, so not all rugs receive the same type of wash. In order for our professionals to determine the correct wash for each of your rugs we will need information and history of your rugs such as: (You can give us all this

Norooz Persian Rug Sale in Dallas


March 20th, 2017, DALLAS, TEXAS: For Iranians, the new year doesn’t begin until spring. Each year on the spring equinox, millions of people from Iran, Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries celebrate Norooz or Nowruz the Iranian New Year. The festival begins at the very time the sun crosses the equator, on March 20st  this year, and runs for 12

How to dry clean rugs? Don’t !

Is dry cleaning a fine rug a good idea or not? “Absolutely not”says Mr. Ben Behnam of Behnam Rugs. Fine rugs need to be fully handwashed with natural solutions and never with dry cleaning fluid, foam, chemical compounds or granules on the surface. Dry cleaning methods  were never meant for fine natural fiber rugs.  If you rug is washed  correctly

What kind of damage can mold do to your rugs?

How can mold get to your rugs?  What is the best way to restore rugs after mold damage?  If you want to have your damaged rugs restored and also retain their value Behnam Rugs Persian Rug Cleaner is your professional to call. image2©adam88xx–;image3©RogerMcLassus1951–Wikipedia–lic.underCC-BY-SA-3.0  You may think mold will never happen to your rug but it could be growing right now,

What kind of rug do I have?

Do I have a Persian or Turkish knot rug? The professionals at Behnam Rugs Persian Rug Cleaner can identify all types of rugs just by looking at their knots.  Feel free to call and set up an appointment for a free verbal appraisal for all your rugs. What did Alexander the Great have to do with the legend of the

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