4 Signs of a Great Persian Rug

When it comes to a Persian or Oriental rug, quality definitely counts. But what exactly is quality when it comes to these textile works of art? How can you know when a rug is of good, fair or poor quality? Take a look below for four signs of a great Persian or Oriental rug. The finest of these rugs are

Rug Cleaner

What rug cleaner can I buy to wash my rug at home? We suggest not attempting to wash your rug at home. A wet rug is very heavy and hard to clean on your own, rugs need to be cleaned all the way through not just surface washed like carpet. This also involves scrubbing your rug from the front and

Signs You and Your Persian Rug Are Made for Each Other

How do you know that Persian or Oriental rugs are right for you? That you’re ready to purchase these textile works of art? And, more to the point, how do you know when a particular rug is the perfect rug for you. Read below. Signs that you’re ready to buy a fine, hand-knotted Persian or Oriental rug: You know who

4 Questions to Always Ask a Persian Rug Dealer

When it comes to purchasing a fine, hand-knotted Persian or Oriental rug, it’s best if come prepared before visiting some rug dealers. What do we mean by prepared? You should have done some research on what makes a fine, hand-knotted rug. You should know a bit about the history of Persian and Oriental rugs. You should know how to tell

Misconceptions About Persian Rugs

Do you think that all genuine Persian rugs are antiques? Do you believe that any old Persian or Oriental rug is valuable? Are you certain that your hand-made Oriental/Persian rug will go up in value over the years? Do you believe that a hand woven Persian rug is always better made than a hand-made Oriental rug? If you answered yes

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