Beautifully Balanced Iranian Khoy rug


Stop by Behnam Rugs and view this Beautifully Balanced Iranian Khoy rug Country of Origin Iran Design Khoy Pile Wool Foundation Wool Size 9′.8″ X12′.9″ Age 40 Years Border Color Beige Field Color Beige Condition Good For Sale At Behnam $16,900.00 Iranian Khoy Rug

What looks like dust and dirt on your rug might actually be moth activity!


Dust and Dirt are important to remove off your rugs because up close they have Sharp Edges that work against the pile of your rug and wear out the fiber faster than normal.The picture below may look like only a really dusty rug but in fact is a result of Moth and Moth Larva activity….Read More

Large Malayer Room Size Rug


This large decorative rug comes from the town of Malayer in Iran. Country of Origin Iran Design Malayer Pile Wool Foundation Wool Size 10′.11″ X 13′.5″ Age 40-45 Years Border Color Beige Field Color Grey Condition Good For Sale At Behnam Rugs: Yes $16,900.00

Iranian Khoy Salt Rug


“This rug is an Iranian Khoy rug. The city of Khoy is near salt mines and khoy also means “salt”. Fine quality rugs is just one of the goods you would see traded on the famous silk road also near the city of Khoy.” ~ Mr. Ben “Behnam” Tavakolian Country of Origin Iran Design Khoy…Read More

Antique Reproduction Peshawar Rug


This rug is an example of a historic Afghanistan design made as an antique reproduction in this  Peshawar rug. Country of Origin Afghanistan Design Peshawar Pile Wool Foundation Wool Size 9′.11″ X 13′.9″ Age New Border Color Beige Field Color Beige Condition Antique Reproduction For Sale At Behnam $9,800.00

It’s Time to Celebrate The Persian New Year


Behnam Rugs Welcomes Spring with Age-old Celebration March 20th, 2015, DALLAS, TEXAS: For Iranians, the new year doesn’t begin until spring. Each year on the spring equinox, millions of people from Iran, Turkey and other Middle Eastern countries celebrate Norooz, the Iranian New Year. The festival begins at the very time the sun crosses the…Read More

The Difference Between Persian and Oriental Rugs


As you search for a Persian or Oriental rug for your home or business, you’ve no doubt noticed that the terms Persian and Oriental tend to be used interchangeably when it comes to these rugs. So you may be wondering if there’s even a difference between them. Our answer? There is a difference matter because…Read More

5 Indications of a Persian Rug’s Quality


You’ve found a hand-made Persian rug with a design you adore. You want to purchase it, but you want to make sure it’s a quality rug – after all the Persian rug seller is asking for a good amount of money for this gorgeous “investment piece.” Read below for FIVE indications of a Persian’s rug…Read More

Celebrate Chinese New Year The year of the Goat/ Sheep


Celebrate Chinese New Year this year on Thursday the 19th. This 15 day celebration starts on a different day each year because it is based on the ancient Chinese lunar calendar.  2015 is the year of the goat/ sheep.  Enjoy this Chinese Persian Wool and Silk 8 X 10 Rug as we wish everyone a…Read More

The Difference Between Hand-Knotted and Machine-Knotted Persian Rugs


A hand-knotted Persian rug will be much more expensive than one that has been knotted or made by machine. In fact – and most importantly – a machine-knotted rug is not an authentic Persian rug. A quick check you to determine if a rug is hand- or machine-made is to turn the rug over and…Read More

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