How to dry clean rugs? Don’t !

Is dry cleaning a fine rug a good idea or not? “Absolutely not”says Mr. Ben Behnam of Behnam Rugs. Fine rugs need to be fully handwashed with natural solutions and never with dry cleaning fluid, foam, chemical compounds or granules on the surface. Dry cleaning methods  were never meant for fine natural fiber rugs.  If you rug is washed  correctly

What kind of damage can mold do to your rugs?

How can mold get to your rugs?  What is the best way to restore rugs after mold damage?  If you want to have your damaged rugs restored and also retain their value Behnam Rugs Persian Rug Cleaner is your professional to call. image2©adam88xx–;image3©RogerMcLassus1951–Wikipedia–lic.underCC-BY-SA-3.0  You may think mold will never happen to your rug but it could be growing right now,

What kind of rug do I have?

Do I have a Persian or Turkish knot rug? The professionals at Behnam Rugs Persian Rug Cleaner can identify all types of rugs just by looking at their knots.  Feel free to call and set up an appointment for a free verbal appraisal for all your rugs. What did Alexander the Great have to do with the legend of the

How to treat your flooded rugs!

What to do when your rug is flooded. When water pipes in your house freezes, your sink or toilet over-flows, broken hoses on washer or water heater, cracked skylight or even leaking roof can cause flooding in the house, you need to know what to do right away. Rugs do absorb water and the water is not pure, it’s mixed

Fine Rugs as Eco- Friendly Flooring Solution

Below is an article that suggest several Eco- Friendly solutions Behnam Rugs Persian Rug Cleaner has published an excerpt that recommends fine rugs as one solution.  We agree with the article that Persian and Oriental rugs made out of natural wool, silk, cotton or a combination help give your feet a warm layer between the cold floors of your home.

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