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Many fine rugs come from Persia, and these rugs can also be referred to as Iranian carpets, Persian carpets, and Iranian rugs. Rugs are generally referred to by the city or tribe they originate from. For example, you may see a rug referred to as an Isfahan, Nain, Qum, Tabriz, or Mashad Persian rug. The design of a rug reflects where it is made. There are many different patterns and designs that have strong ties to a particular city. For example, the famous Tree of Life design originates from Isfahan.

Handmade rugs do not stop at Iran. You will also find beautiful oriental rugs from China and a variety of handmade masterpieces from Afghanistan, Morocco, Nepal, Tibet, Russia, India, Pakistan, Turkey, and many other countries.

Do you know the origin of most fine Persian rugs?

  • Origin of Persian Tribal Rugs:¬†Bakhtiari, Bakhshaish, Borchelu, Gabbeh Hamadan, Heriz, Hussainabad, Koliai, Kurd, Luri,Mahal, Malayer, Nahavand, Qashqai, Senneh, Shiraz, Sirjan, Tarom, Wiss, Zanjan.
  • Origin of Persian City Rugs:¬†Afshar, Ardabil, Baluch, Bidjar, Esfahan, Farahan, Joshaghan, Kashan, Kerman, Kashmar, Klardasht, Lavar, Mashad, Nain, Qum, Sarab, Saruk/ Sarough, Tabriz, Varamin. These are both ancient and modern day cities.

Rugs fall into three main categories: traditional, transitional, and contemporary. Read on to discover the type of rug that best suits your needs.

Traditional Rugs

Persian Tabriz Rug
A traditional Persian rug with a Tabriz design.

Traditional rugs include both city rugs (ex. Tabriz rugs, Qum rugs) and tribal rugs (ex. Bakhtiari rugs, Kazak rugs). These rugs feature traditional materials (natural fibers like wool and silk) and patterns (such as florals and geometric designs). If you’re looking for a classic, old-school Persian rug, traditional rugs are your category.

Transitional Rugs

Transitional Pakistani Rug
This Pakistani Oushak rug is an example of a transitional rug- it is not distinctly contemporary or traditional.

Transitional rugs are a blend between contemporary (modern) styles and traditional styles. A contemporary rug might feature bold colors and patterns that you would never even imagine on a traditional rug. A transitional rug might feature those same bold colors but use a traditional pattern instead.

Contemporary Rugs

Contemporary Indian Rug
These Indian rugs are contemporary rugs featuring stylish colors and a uniquely modern design.

Contemporary rugs are new, bold, and adhere to their own set of rules. Contemporary, also known as modern, rugs often feature fun and whimsical designs such as paint splatters, fashionable patterns, and modern floral designs. All rugs, including contemporary rugs, sold at Behnam Rugs are handmade.

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