FORGET THE RULES! Well, to an extent..

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The charm of oriental rugs – inspiration by Patric Johansson Years ago, when I was studying the theory and rules of interior design, I came across Patric Johansson’s portfolio and was immediately captivated.

All his photography is amazing, but I was particularly drawn to the use of oriental rugs in relatively modern settings.

For someone who was like a newborn in the design world at the time, this made me open my eyes wide in wonder, as I had previously associated oriental rugs with traditional rooms.

I learned an important design lesson that day, a lesson that stays with me every day which I think most of you will agree with – FORGET THE RULES!

Well, to an extent. Mix things up for charm and add an oriental rug (or three!) as a classic denominator to ground the scheme. I love the air of refined eclecticism that an oriental rug brings to a space.