Light lighting tips for displaying your rugs

Correct lighting makes all the difference!

How do I properly light up my rug for display?

Some of our customers like to hang their fine Persian rugs on the wall like the fine piece of art they are, this task is easier for smaller rugs but we have hung palace size rugs just visit our showroom to see an example.

The Dallas showroom has natural skylights that allow plenty of light to show off our rugs but if you are doing this at home or even if you decide to place your fine rug on the floor, you may want to give some consideration to your own lighting and what kind of light will best show off your rug.

Rug Lighting
Rug Lighting

One way of lighting your rug is using track lighting. This type of lighting offers more flexibility. You can use it to light a wall from floor to ceiling and to light more than one object. For a more subtle light, you can use recessed lighting, which lies flush with the ceiling, but does not have a great range of movement. Many homes have recessed lighting already installed. You can adjust the angle of the light up the rug, or change the bulb to get the effect you want if you desire to use this kind of lighting.

To reduce glare, the owners of a wall object are generally advised to put the light at a 30-degree angle to the piece. For a larger object, you should increase the angle by another five degrees to avoid casting a shadow. If you want to show off the texture of the piece, you should reduce the placement of the light by five degrees.

You do need to be careful, however, not to put the light too close to the rug because heat from the light can cause damage. With the light on, put your hand next to the rug. If you can feel heat, there is the potential for problems. As a general rule, art owners are told to light an object three times brighter than the rest of the room.

Incandescent and halogen lights are recommended. However, halogen lights do generate a lot of heat, so you need to be careful how close you put them to your Persian or Oriental rug. You should also get an ultraviolet light filter to put over these lights.

You should avoid using fluorescent lights because they distort the colors and also give off a lot of ultraviolet radiation.

Also, whether you put the rug on a wall or on the floor, avoid putting it in direct sunlight, as this can cause fading and discoloration.

We’ve helped many buyers of our fine Persian and Oriental rugs showcase their textile works of art in their homes; we’d love to help you do so, as well. Contact Behnam Rugs in Dallas at 972-733-0400 to make an appointment.