Oriental Rugs vs. Pets and Children

When it comes to living with children and/or pets in a home with beautiful Oriental or Persian rugs, there are several things you can do to make sure the children and pets don’t damage or ruin the rug.

Read below for several tips on how to keep your rug looking great when it has to share space with kids or animals.

  • You may think it’s a good idea to follow the lead of Marie Barone (the mother on the television show Everybody Loves Raymond) or Ida Morgenstern (the mother on Rhoda in the 1970s) and cover your precious furniture – or, in this case, your rug – with a plastic protector to keep it safe from spills or urine stains. But a plastic cover can actually impede the flow of air and can even help mildew and dry rot grow. If dry rot comes in to play, the rug will fall apart where the dry rot is and the rug will be ruined.


Child on Oriental Rug

So cute! But could spell danger for your Oriental rug!

  • If possible, place the rug where your children and/or pets rarely go. If this means hanging it on the wall to showcase its beauty for a few years (until the children are older and more responsible), so be it if the rug is small.
  • If you can’t keep the rug from where children and/or pets will be, watch the youngsters and pets carefully or remove the rugs all together until the pets and children are older.
  • If your cat likes to scratch furniture, be very wary for your rug. A kitty that likes to knead or scratch the rug can easily loosen or even disengage the rug’s loops. While we don’t advocate that you declaw your cat, we do recommend that you train your cat not to scratch furniture (here’s a link to a veterinarian’s site that will help you do so). Your cat’s or dog’s regular walking on the rug shouldn’t harm the rug at all.
  • If your rug is an antique or extremely valuable, it may be best to store the rug until the children are older and/or you no longer have pets; the danger to spills and urine stains is too great for these older and more fragile rugs.
  • If you do have dogs, make sure the dog is house-trained and rarely – if ever – has accidents. If you bring a new puppy into the home, remove the rug until you’re certain the puppy is fully housetrained and has left the “chewing stage” behind.

A tip from Mr. Behnam : If you find your puppy has had an accident on the rug remove the rug immediately and have it professionally washed. Leaving even traces of an accident on the rug will teach your dog that it has your permission to keep doing it!

  • The same goes for very young children. If you have babies or toddlers who like to chew or suck on things, the fringe of an Oriental or Persian rug may be too tempting to the child. Store your rug until the child is older.

If all of your efforts at protecting your rug from children or pets fails and you find a urine stain, check out this article on our sister site (Persian Rug Cleaner of Dallas) for information on how to take care of the stain.