Oriental & Persian Rug Services

The only place I trust to get my rugs fully cleaned and returned when I need them.

Behnam Rugs Persian Rug Cleaner hand washes, restores and repairs rugs from around the world.

Every rug is pre-inspected this is when we note any repair your rugs may need and offer our expert advice. Then each rug is washed the traditional way with historic Persian cleaning methods and over three generations of family rug care knowledge.

Let us wash by hand all your rugs with our special organic shampoo and conditioner made for wool rugs. This is the only way to maintain the best condition of your rugs for years to come. We then let your rugs dry naturally in the open air and sun then we inspect each rug individually.

We will then call you and offer proper rug padding and repair options or suggestions and set a delivery date to re-install your rugs at your home or office. We also offer proper rug wrapping for storage and shipping. ( Free in our service area)