Oriental Rug Installation

Rugs are heavier than they look…

Our team of professionals will install your rug properly inside of your home. There are many different steps our guys take to best suit you.

  1. Our guys make sure your rug is positioned correctly and where you want it to go (Rugs are placed according to the right direction of the nap. Best fit is based on light reflection and surroundings).
  2. They will remove all wrinkles out of your rug and ensure that your rug is completely flat.
  3. They will make sure the traffic pattern doesn’t affect the durability and maintenance requirement of the rug.
  4. They will distinguish the dark and light side of your rug.

Rugs are very heavy and can be dangerous. Our experts will take care of placing your rugs anywhere you want, and will move anything that is in the way.


We at Persian Rug Cleaners cannot say enough about the crucial need for proper padding under all your handmade rugs, whether they lay upon hard surfaces or on carpeting.

First and foremost, proper padding will prevent the rug from slipping which can easily result in injury so it is just safer to take this precaution. Additionally, proper padding will add many years of life to your rug by eliminating those waves and wrinkles that in time will turn into tears and splits.

Over the years, we have used and evaluated dozens of different rug pad materials. That said, we can assure our customers we carry the best padding for their needs. The cost is nominal and your rugs will thank you.