Oriental Rug Repair

persian rug repair

The purpose of repairing a rug by hand is to restore its

original beauty that may have been lost over the years.

This can be accomplished by reweaving portions of the carpet, either the surface pile, or in the case of holes, the underlying foundation as well. Such restoration requires extreme technical skills and precision. This process requires expertise and also a refined eye to match the original texture of the rug, so that the repair isn’t detectable. Ultimately the greatest reward in repairing your antique rug, is knowing that a rare and beautiful work of art is being preserved for generations to come.

Our staff is knowledgeable and competent in all aspects of restoration, having achieved their expertise through many years of training and experience. No job is too small or great for our weavers.

Additionally, here is a list of Extra Damage Rug Treatment Services we offer: Mildew Damage Restoration, Moth Damage Restoration, Moth Proofing, Odor Removal, Patching, Water Damage Restoration, Smoke and Fire Damage Restoration, and Stain Treatment.