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Success Stories

Thank you for explaining the difference between woven rugs and tufted rugs.  It helped me understand why the tufted rugs can sometimes have an odor due to the glue that is used to hold the fibers in place.  I appreciate your patience with my other basic rug questions as well.  You customer service was excellent!
Sharon August 2015
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I bought an oriental rug at a yard sale for $75.  I had it cleaned, appraised and repaired at Behnam Rugs.  The rug is a runner 35 ”  x  86 “.  It’s a Hamadan, value $2000.

                                                   Ms. Kay W. Allen, TX.
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The service and knowledge of the staff is excellent.  They cleaned an oriental rug that had an old pet stain and did an excellent job.  The rug looks as good as new.  They were very friendly and professional.  While I was there, I also got to see the aviary on the roof and fed the birds, which was interesting and fun.  I recommend them highly.

                                                                                                                                                          Ms. Michelle I. San Francisco, CA.                                                                                                                                                                                   From Yelp Reviews


Very professional. They gave me a lot of information about my rug, and were very meticulous about making sure I understood how it would be cleaned, any risks involved, etc. They did a great job and the rug looks fantastic. Good work and great customer service.

They seem to really enjoy their work. You don’t often find this kind of single proprietorship where the owner takes an interest in each customer, even for a small job like mine.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Ms. Jennifer L. Dallas, TX.                                                                                                                                                                                           From Yelp Reviews


Mr. Behnam and his assistant were truly outstanding. I came to his store with a number of questions regarding the overseas purchase of rugs by my daughter. Mr. Behnam spent a considerable amount of time educating me on the type of rug she was thinking of purchasing; from techniques to identify genuine rugs, to the philosophy in making a significant purchase. His knowledge, candor and willingness to assist me with my questions would lead me to recommend him to anyone looking for an honest establishment to make a Persian rug purchase. Thanks again for your time.

Mr. Chris W, Plano TX
From Yelp Reviews

Our beautiful Indian Keshmire wool & silk rug sustained a large blood stain when I fell face down on it. Behnam’s expert technicians removed it completely. No one else will ever clean our oriental rugs.

Mrs. S.C. Hughes, Dallas TX

Thank you for saving my rug!  I thought I had ruined it after my attempt at washing it.  I am so glad I found you!  Not only is it completely repaired, it looks brand new!  I highly recommend Behnam Rugs.

Mrs. N. Valles, Forney TX

Dear Mr. B: Thank you so much for the lovely job you did on my small rugs. The larger of the two is a retired Claire Murray hand-hooked wool rug and I was so disappointed at the way it had looked, since it had become dull in appearance. It looks wonderful. I know this is just a tiny rug in comparison to some of the lovely large rugs you have in your showroom, but it is special to me and I appreciate your careful handling…

Mrs. C. Lanier,  Carrollton TX

“I am so pleased with my rug that Behnam cleaned and repaired. I purchased a console to replace an amoire for my family room. The corner of the amoire had been sitting on the rug for nine years. The rug was damaged in that area apparently from “rug moths” which i did not know anything about. They were able to repair the rug and it looks great!”They picked the rug up and delivered restored and cleaned in a timely manner. Thanks Ben!”

Mrs. R. Slack, Plano TX.

“Behnam Rugs provided top-notch service and worked a minor miracle. I thought I had lost a $2k investment in my Oriental rug until I found them. They were able to remove a red Jello stain that had been there for nearly 10 years — two other services tried and failed to remove it, but Behnam saved my rug! I couldn’t be more pleased with Mr. Tavakolian and his courteous and efficient staff.”

Mrs. V. Moore, Arlington TX

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