Why hire an interior designer?

The Dallas Morning News

Section: DFW Real Estate Finder April 14, 2013

 Why hire an interior designer?

Most projects for the home seem as though any do-it-yourselfer could get the job done. And that’s partly true. But while most of us could pull out a loose tooth, there is a reason you go to a dentist: to get the job done painlessly and without complications.

There are people who are born with an eye for great style, others who strive and work fo4r it all their lives, and still others who haven’t a clue. Occasionally, there are clients who have very precise descriptions of what they want for their interiors, and other clients confide in me that they have no taste at all.  I always find the latter hard to believe. Everyone has some degree of likes, preferences and, well, taste.

So, here’s the answer to the question, “Why hire an interior designer?”

Professional ideas.  Interior designers are constantly thinking, researching and designing, so great ideas and innovative solutions that are not evident to you come to them easily.  Don’t feel that hiring a designer is a sign of not knowing what you want: it’s quite the opposite. A talented designer will channel your thoughts and wants and help you achieve the environment of your dreams. Your home should reflect you. The more information you offer and the more candid you are with your designer the better your chances are for a successful project. Invest in an interior designer, and guarantee your design a successful outcome.

Economical. Engaging in interior designer ultimately could prove the best move for your budget. Doing things once, rather than having things redone or fixed when mistakes are made, is economical and just makes sense. Designer’ rates are usually based on their cost plus a percentage, which in most cases should be less than retail. Sounds like a sale in disguise to me.

To the trade-only. Like standing in line at the best club where your name is on “the list,” designers have access to the trade-only showrooms. Many of the items you see in home magazines are available in these show-rooms. There, you will find fabrics and furnishings that are only available to designers who take projects from ordinary to extraordinary. An experienced designer also benefits from a great crew from varying trades in their back pocket. These are the professionals- up-upholsterers, decorative painters, furniture refinishers- who make dreams and designs come to life.

Be courageous. In most every community across the nation, you generally get a smattering of highly spirited weekend designers who believe they can pull a house or project together. Initially, they make a couple of decisions – and then, after one, two or several mistakes, they call their local interior designer for help.

The scenario the designer faces is not a pretty one: a client in tears pleading for help in making their poor selections work. The designer then has to become a miracle worker, appealing to the powers above to deal with the mess. Regardless of your do –it-yourself inclinations, spare yourself, be brave and, before you make any definite moves, call an interior designer.

Joseph Pubillones/ Creators Syndicate