Wool Rug Cleaning

wool rug cleaning

Wool Rug Cleaning at Behnam Rugs

With these tips it will be very easy to determine what your rug is made of,  and what wash is best and if it should be washed.

Behnam Rugs only hand washes pieces that can be picked up by our professionals and or brought to our store. At this time we do not wash wall to wall carpet. From Wool, Cotton, Silk a mixture, natural fibers to skins we wash all rugs by hand providing the best wash available for all your rugs.  If you still would like to wash or spot clean your rug at home we suggest our Dallas Morning News Article “Treat Your Rug Right” with tips and tricks on how to do it at home.

It is best to take your rug to a rug professional that has grown up in a rug care family and has been serving the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex for many years like Ben “Behnam “ Tavakolian.  Mr. Behnam will first identify your rug by identifying what it is made of wool, silk, cotton, other natural fibers or manmade materials. Then check the color fastness to determine what type of wash your rug requires.

Rugs that are worth washing have the same design on the front as on the back. You can see the knots on both sides and the rug is not put together using glue, rubber or latex of any kind.  Rug padding should not be connected to the rug.  Rugs that do not stand up to a full washing are called tufted rugs and have a solid backing blocking the view of the design on the back side with material or even a exposed layer of glue. During a good washing the middle layer of glue can get washed away after the first few washes. There are some machine made rugs that are high quality and last like Karastan brand rugs.

Call us Monday – Saturday 9:00 -5:30 to inquire about your rug and get a free rug washing quote.

Handmade wool rugs last hundreds of years and look even better after they are used and washed.