Organic Rug Cleaning

Organic Rug Cleaning

By Rassin R. | November 20, 2018 |

Behnam Rugs specializes in Organic Rug Cleaning and has taken great pride in the care of fine oriental rugs since 1978. Our expertise and experience combined with the ORGANIC RUG CLEANING TECHNOLOGY means authenticity of rug cleaning in America and the preservation of hand washing of all variety of rugs may they be natural silk, wool, or rayon silk!

We appreciate the art of handmade rugs, from hand knotting line-by-line and the care of each unique rug. Our process includes thoroughly inspecting each rug to insure the correct cleaning procedure as we understand not all rugs have the same fiber content or natural dye structure and it should wash differently.

100% Organic Rug Cleaning. Our shampoos are safe for pets & children. Pet odor removal. Luxury Persian & Oriental Rug Sales Experts.We serve DFW since 1978. Our services: oriental+silk wash, rug fringe repair, rug-carpet binding, repair pet damage. You Can Request A Rug Washing Estimate Online!

Organic Rug Shampoo

Behnam Rugs uses organic shampoo and natural organic rinses.  We use legendary washing techniques for all special rugs. We use special hand labored brushes, organic shampoos, cold water, hot water rinses as needed, and special organic enzymes. Our organic enzymes were specifically created for us. We wash each side of the rug three (3) times and more.  We do not use any kind of machinery or harsh chemicals for our rug cleaning service.

Our crew at Behnam Rugs uses highly efficient methods to remove pet odor and pet stains. Our hand washing method of washing rugs comes from a special technique that has been documented in Persian history of rug making & rug washing, and is used today. We only use organic rug shampoo to prevent damage to natural dyes in wool, silk, and artificial silk. We use our special organic shampoo and different drying methods that all aid the rug to reach its best quality.

Behnam Rugs 10 Point Cleaning Process

  1. Pre-Cleaning Inspection
  2. Unique Tagging
  3. Dry Soil Removal
  4. Color Fast Testing
  5. Pre-Conditioning
  6. Soak in Natural Enzymes
  7. Rinsing
  8. Post Wash, Quality Control, and Inspection
  9. Detailing and Grooming during and after drying process.
  10. We use non recycle City of Dallas water for all rug washing and rinsing

Behnam Rugs Services

Behnam Rugs offers an array of rug services:

Behnam Rugs hand washes each rug in a submersion cleaning area that is specially designed for washing rugs the authentic way.… Read the rest

Why Pets Mark Rug?

Why is My Pet Marking My Persian Rug?

Posted on May 24, 2019; by Rassin R.

Pet fascination with rugs

What is the reason for pet fascination with rugs?  Have you ever ask yourself, “So why is my pet marking my Persian Rug?” If you’re reading this blog, chances are, you have a pet or dog that just won’t stop marking your rug. Rest assured you are not alone. Behnam Rugs is hosting an event on June 8 to address this common issue among pet owners and especially dog owners. Please attend our upcoming event and click on –> “Rug, Dog, Wine” Event to hear our WRR Radio Ad for our event. Once you participate, you find out why Spot marks your rugs. You will find out what you can do to reduce dog peeing on your precious oriental rug. This is actually a fairly common issue among many rug owners. Although we mainly see inappropriate marking occurring among puppies and kittens, adult dogs and cats can also be frequent markers themselves. Let’s find out why? Please read our Press Release “Rug, Dog, Wine” and how to understand you dogs behavior toward your handmade rugs.

Why is My Pet Marking My Rug?

Sometimes, the answer to this question is simply the type of rug that you have. Is your rug a tufted rug? Tufted rugs are rugs with a glued on backing to them. They are quite popular due to being less expensive options than hand-knotted or hand-woven Persian and Oriental rugs.

Tufted rugs have a few common issues, though, and one of them is that the glue used to attach the backing to the rug causes many pets to mark the rug. The glue on tufted rugs can come from a variety of sources. It could be a natural or organic type of glue, or it could be a chemical based glue. Both types of glue give off a distinct odor. Although this odor might not be detected by humans so easily, pets can definitely smell it.

Dogs are especially sensitive to the odor that a tufted rug’s glue gives off. The scent confuses them and they may urinate on your rug out of confusion. Although puppies are the main offender here, this behavior occurs in dogs of all ages, not just puppies. Cats can also be confused by this odor. If your pet is constantly urinating or marking your tufted rug, it might be time to replace the rug.… Read the rest

Press Release-Rug, Dog, Wine Seminar

Behnam Rugs Press Release | Rug, Dog, and Wine Seminar


Behnam Rugs’ Second Free Seminar/Brunch and Appraisal Event Will Take Place on Saturday, June 8th
The “Rug, Dog, Wine” Seminar will Demystify the Two Most Common Causes of Stains: Dogs and Wine

Dallas, TX – May 9, 2019: Behnam Rugs, North Dallas’ leading fine rug resource for over forty years, will open the doors of their spectacular Preston Road emporium to host a free seminar/brunch for the community. Owner and rug expert Ben Tavakolian will share his lifelong passion for the art and culture of fine rugs with customers old and new. This second event in the lecture series will focus on preventing and cleaning rug stains caused by dogs and wine, two of life’s great pleasures except when they collide with your favorite rug. The seminar will also address a few mysteries. “There are actual reasons why your dog prefers expensive rugs,” Tavakolian says.

In addition to the opportunity to enjoy tasty food and learn in a casual, fun environment, guests are encouraged to bring their own treasured rugs to the showroom for professional appraisal by Behnam’s team of experts. As always, dogs are welcome.

Other subjects that will be discussed include:

  • The difference between traditional, tufted, viscose, machine and hooked rugs
  • Different methods of cleaning rugs
  • How rugs respond to stain treatments depending on how they’re made
  • The pros and cons of cleaning with organic enzymes
  • Why dogs are fascinated with rugs
  • How to respond if your dog reacts to your rug
  • Preventing your dog from repeating the behavior
  • What to do immediately if you spill wine on your rug
  • How we treat the problem when you bring it to us

Rug, Dog, Wine” will be held at Behnam Rugs, Saturday June 8, from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at their showroom, 18000 Preston Road, Dallas.

About Behnam Rugs:

Since 1978, Behnam Rugs of Dallas has been in the business of selling fine handmade rugs and providing expert oriental rug cleaning Dallas, pet stain removal, pets and rugs, Persian rug wash services. In 1999, Behnam “Ben” Tavakolian moved the company to its present location on Preston Road, where he designed and built a distinctive Mediterranean-style showroom and service center from the ground up. The showroom was designed to utilize as much natural light as possible, as it showcased beautiful antique and new rugs from around the world.Read the rest

Persian Rug Stain Removal

Persian Rug Stain Removal

When your Persian rug has obvious stains, bring it to Behnam Rugs, our on-site specialist will inspect it and bring up any potential issues with you. One of these issues is pre-existing stains, which can be quite common if you have pets. If we find that your rug needs more work than just a wash, we will let you know, offer our recommendation and a quote, and let you decide whether or not you want to take any extra steps. You will never be obligated to purchase any extra services you are not interested in. If you only want a wash, then you only want a wash!

Our cleaning experts will do a “Persian rug stain removal” that is quite educational. We offer an array of rug-care/hand-washing rug services. We will identify any stains on your rug and determine the cause and what steps should be taken to remove the stain. For example, a pet stain would be approached differently than a wine stain. A special blend of organic shampooing agents will be used to wash your rug according to its fiber type, age, thickness, country of origin, fiber count, and of course, the cause of the stain. This shampooing agent removes stains while being gentle on your treasured rug. We offer the special care needed to stabilize the pH of your rug, remove any odors, and restore your rug to its original, pristine condition- lengthening the life of your rug and retaining its value, too!

We will do our best to remove any stains on your rug- whether it’s a wine stain, a pet stain, or something else entirely. If you’re too busy to bring your rug in, give us a call at 972-733-0400! We offer free pick-up and delivery within 30 miles of our showroom.

Have pets at home but don’t need pet stain removal? You might be interested in our odor removal service or our maintenance wash service instead.… Read the rest



Posted on March 31, 2019; by Rassin R.

Behnam Rugs specializes in techniques for oriental rug cleaning in Addison. We always advise to use clean water and a damp cloth to clean your oriental rugs at home. However, we assess each rug cleaning on a one-on-one basis. We use the same hand-washing-techniques as were used and perfected in old Persia. However, we stay abreast with new organic shampoos. Our organic hand-washing method of washing rugs comes from a special technique that has been documented in the Persian history of rug washing & rug making, and is still used today.

Process of Rug Cleaning

  • Drop-off your Oriental Rugs to our showroom at 18000 Preston Rd
  • A rug expert will examine your rug in front of you
  • We give a history on your precious rug  
  • We examine your rug fibers viscose-rayon-silk, wool, natural silk, cotton
  • Oriental rug tagged with rug description
  • Schedule a professional hand-wash with organic shampoos
  • Our 10-Step Area Rug Cleaning Process
  • Use special authentic rug washing techniques
  • Use special Oriental rug dehydrating techniques for wool-rugs
  • Use special Oriental rug drying techniques for natural-silk-rugs
  • Post-inspection of Oriental Rug before delivery
  • Schedule Oriental rug delivery

We offer rug appraisals for fair market value and replacement value are also available on request.

Behnam Rugs washes fine rugs such as Oriental rugs and Persian rugs from all over the world including Oriental, Persian, Turkish, Indian, Chinese, and American Indian. Our state of the art “rug cleaning-hand-washing plant” gives a whole new meaning to the word “Clean”.

Please call us at 972-733-0400 or visit us on Facebook and Instagram.  For further comments or questions please contact us with your questions.Or simply visit our Yelp page and leave us a review. Thank you!Read the rest