Antique Rug Cleaning


Posted on March 22, 2019; by Rassin R.

Antique rug cleaning by Behnam Rugs is your one-stop antique rug cleaning service in north Dallas. We service the entire Dallas and Fort Worth area. If you are interested in purchasing an antique Persian rug, simply stop by our showroom, or call (972)733-0400. Please see this Antique Heriz Serpi Persian Rug.  We wash, clean rugs, repair rugs, restore rugs, and write appraisals for your antique Persian and oriental rugs. 

Antique Rugs are a bit more delicate than the new counter parts. Antique Rugs need a special cleaning method that differs from all other handmade new rugs. Just as all antique museum artifacts much be handled with care, so is the antique rug cleaning process. 

We wash every rug by hand, hand washing rugs and because of this, we are able to control every step of the washing process. This means that we can clean your antique rugs without the usual worries such as tearing a fringe off, expanding any pre-existing holes, or damaging the fibers.

We also use our special organic shampoos for animal soils and repair. Call us for your free rug pick-up and delivery within the DFW area! If you have other concerns, please click here. Call us at 972-733-0400 for a free, no-obligation quote.