Behnam Rugs Press Release | Rug Shopping Abroad can be Challenging

Behnam Rugs Press Release | Rug Shopping Abroad can be Challenging



North Dallas’ Premier Emporium of Fine Handmade Rugs to Launch Seminar Series and Appraisal Events

Behnam Rugs to initiate a series of seminar brunches intended to educate customers about the ins and outs of fine rugs. In a relaxed setting, guests will have the opportunity to bring in a rug for a free written appraisal. *


Dallas, TX – February 21, 2019: Shopping for rugs in a foreign country can be challenging and the risks of being taken advantage of are high for the average tourist. On Saturday, March 16, from 11:00am to 1:00pm, Behnam Rugs will open the doors of its grand showroom to answer questions on the subject and equip guests with everything they need to know to buy fine handmade rugs with confidence when they travel. Owner and rug expert Ben Tavakolian will share his lifelong passion for the art and culture of fine rugs and Persian carpets with both longtime customers and new friends alike.   

In addition to the opportunity to learn in a casual, fun environment, guests are encouraged to bring their own treasured rugs to the showroom for professional appraisal by Behnam’s team of experts. “These seminars are meant to educate the community and create a forum for people who appreciate this art form to come together,” says company founder Ben Tavakolian.


Other subjects that will be discussed include:

  • Learn what to buy and what not to buy
  • Learn how to buy quality handmade rugs in different countries you are visiting
  • Learn how to recognize real silk from viscose rayon silk  
  • Learn how to negotiate for a better rug price
  • Learn the art and culture of rugs
  • Bring your treasured rugs for a free written evaluation/appraisal
  • Share your rug buying experience at our event
  • Learn what is U.S. Custom department rules & regulations on bringing handmade rugs to the USA.


About Behnam Rugs:

Since 1978, Behnam Rugs of Dallas has been in the business of selling fine handmade rugs and providing expert oriental rug cleaning Dallas, pet stain removal, Persian rug wash services. In 1999, Behnam “Ben” Tavakolian moved the company to its present location on Preston Road, where he designed and built a distinctive Mediterranean-style showroom and service center from the ground up. The showroom was designed to utilize as much natural light as possible, as it showcased beautiful antique and new rugs from around the world. It is a source to interior designers, architects, and homeowners who have come to appreciate the unparalleled selection. Adjacent to the showroom is the Behnam Rugs state of the art, hand-wash silk rug cleaning, rug care services-repair, and rug restoration center.  



Rassin Roshan

Behnam Rugs


A:18000 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75252




Limit one (1) rug per family

Oriental Rug Education Dallas

Behnam Rugs for Oriental Rug Education

by Rassin R. | January 19, 2019

Are you seeking Oriental Rug education?

Behnam Rugs of Dallas is the number one place to gain rug education and rug solutions. We welcome our community to drop by and ask questions. We are here to educate and help people with their rug challenges. Since 1978, Behnam Rugs has been a trusted household name in Persian and Oriental rug cleaning in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.  We promote education and professionalism in our community. We are your source of rug boutique and the go-to design showroom with thousands of handmade oriental rugs at your disposal.

Behnam Rugs Events

Over the past forty years, proprietor Ben Tavakolian’s pioneering family business has become well known for its dynamic, ever-expanding inventory.  We host a series of rug events at our showroom to educate the next generation of designers and our community about our product and how people can make educated decisions not only to buy rugs and design their homes, but also how to recognize and provide correct rug care for their priceless rugs, and to understand how to tell a pure silk from a viscose rayon silk rugs or synthetic silk rug apart.  We also explain the rug washing, rug restoration, rug appraisals, pet damage, pet odor removal process. Watch out for our announcements on WRR

Also visit our online Press Release about our upcoming event on March 16, 2019, from 11:00am to 1:00pm at our showroom on 18000 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75252.

Behnam Rugs has a state of art rug washing and rug restoration center at Behnam Rugs building makes Behnam one of the largest facilities in the USA. Every year we settle hundreds of insurance claims for water and flood damage & fire damage in Dallas, Fort Worth area. Also for more information on our Rug Care Essentials, please visit our page. 

Please visit our site or stop by our showroom map at 18000 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75252, or simply give us a call at (972) 733-0400.


Rug Care Essentials

Care for Your Rug at Home

By Rassin R. | January 7, 2019 |

To care for your rug at home is an important step in keeping your priceless handmade Persian rugs and handmade Oriental rugs healthy for many years. Consider Persian and Oriental rugs as your personal fine-art gallery. To care for these rugs you need to know the following.

Persian handmade rugs come in different styles, patterns, and material such as wool pile over cotton foundation; wool and silk pile over cotton foundation; silk and wool over wool foundation; and silk pile over silk foundation.

If you are interested in learning about anyone of these combinations, please stop by our showroom. If you are interested in the difference between natural silk rugs and man-made silk rugs or viscose rayon silk rugs, give us a call at (972) 733-0400.

Simple Home Rug Care

Simple everyday home rug care can increase the health of your rug. When you spill food and liquids on your fine rugs, quickly remove the dry debris and dab the liquid gently off your rug. If your pet spoiled your rug, call Behnam Rugs immediately for professional rug cleaning, and we will perform an enzyme wash on your rugs.

These elegant fine art rugs need to undergo rug-cleaning-washing. Behnam Rugs is an expert in this field..

All rugs must have padding under the rug. Not only will your rug not slip, also prevent color transfer to underlying surface in case of spot or stain on the rug, may your rug be on the hard floor, tile, or wall-to-wall-carpet.  

Things NOT to DO to Your Rug at Home:

  1. Do Not Rub Stain into Your Rug
  2. Do Not Vacuum with Beater Bar or Beater Brush or Spot Removers
  3. Do Not use Harsh Detergents
  4. Do Not Place Rug in Direct Heat
  5. Do Not Place Rug in Damp Areas
  6. Do Not Place Rug in Direct Sunlight for long periods

Behnam Rugs has over thousand unique handmade rug in its inventory. We can help you find your special rug for your special area or home. We specialize in unique services such as hand washing rug, rug appraisals, enzyme wash, rug reweaving, rug restoration includes fringe repair, fringe recoloring, rug binding, rug delivery, pick-up rug, and rug repair. General questions & concerns. Please visit us at our showroom on 18000 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75252, or simply give us a call at (972) 733-0400.


The Art of Rug-Reweaving

Do you have a Persian rug that needs reweaving?

By Rassin R.  |  December 24, 2018

Behnam Rugs explains, Persian Rug Weaving and Oriental Rug reweaving are interchangeable terms that essentially mean the same. Persian rug weaving is a process of creating textile by interlacing threads. The initial rug weaving is done on a loom, a frame like piece of equipment that holds two types of threads.

  1. Warp threads that run vertically, attached to the loom frame and held in tension.
  2. Weft threads run horizontally and are interlaced with warp threads.

Depending on what type of rug it is, the warps can either be natural silk, cotton, or wool. The wefts also can be natural silk, cotton, or wool. In that case the rug is a “silk on silk rug”, or “silk on wool rug”, or “wool on silk rug” or “silk on wool rug” or “cotton on wool”, or “wool on cotton”, or “cotton on silk”, and rarely cotton on cotton.

However, Persian Rug Weaving is more like a Persian rug repair. The Warps and Wefts will be repaired by an expert Rug weaver. Behnam Rugs is a go-to design resource since 1978. We provide Persian rug cleaning, Oriental rug repair, Oriental rug restoration, hand wash silk rugs, Persian rug repair, Persian rug reweaving, Persian fine silk rug repairs, rug restoration, and rug stain removal, enzyme wash for pet owners, rug delivery, and rug installation services.  If you have any questions, please call us at (972) 733-0400. If you are interested in our Rug Care Essential tips, please visit our page:

Rug Care Essentials

Identify Natural Silk Rug vs Viscose Rayon Silk Rug

Identify Natural Silk Rug vs Viscose Rayon Silk Rug

How to differentiate Genuine Natural Silk Rug from Viscose Rayon Silk Rug?

Natural Silk Rug Fibers

The most important way to identify natural silk rug fibers from viscose rayon silk rug fibers is the rug burn test. Visit Behnam Rugs, Dallas, Texas. We help you with your silk rugs testing. When you gently remove a few fibers of silk from the back side of a rug, and lit it, the natural silk will burn slowly with a faint glow. The burning fibers will curl into a ball with a similar smell of burning human hair or bird feathers.  Once you touch the ashes, they break into powder.  Finally, when leaving the flame, it stops burning immediately.

Viscose Rayon Silk Rugs Fibers

In comparison, identify viscose rayon silk rugs fibers will burn with a smell like burning paper. The soft ashes will drip and form residue. (not considered ash). It also produces black smoke. It will continue to burn even after the flame is taken away. Man-made silk rugs are extremely flammable.

Natural silk and viscose rayon silk are very similar to the untrained eye. Viscose is shiny and soft as natural silk. Natural silk is usually priced ten times higher than artificial silk.

A soft and waxy feeling is unique characteristic of real silk rug products.

Handmade natural silk rugs have an uneven woven pattern versus machine made viscose rayon rugs; although both have a perfect look to the untrained eye.

Real silk rugs do not show fold line because the silk fiber has flexibility. Yet viscose rayon silk rugs show fold and cannot be fixed. It will stay like that forever.

Washing Natural Silk Rugs

At Behnam Rugs, we specialize in hand washing Natural Silk Rugs delicately. We dry the natural handmade Persian Silk Rug and groom it to bring out its original characteristics. We use special organic shampoo. We also hand wash viscose rayon rugs.

If you have any questions please visit us at BehnamRugs in Dallas, or simply give us a call at 972-733-0400.