The First 5 Things to Do as You Look for a Persian Rug

You’ve decided to purchase a beautiful, hand-knotted Persian or Oriental rug. (We applaud your good taste. Truly.) So you fire up your laptop, begin searching in your favorite browser, find a rug that certainly looks real, it looks beautiful…you’ll take it! Enter your credit card information and, voila! You’re the owner of a rug. Whether it’s a genuine hand-knotted Persian/Oriental

How to Keep Your Hand-Knotted Persian Rug Happy

You’ve just purchased a genuine hand-knotted Persian or Oriental rug and you’re beyond-the-moon happy with it. It’s gorgeous. Its design is one you love. You’ve researched the design’s/pattern’s history and you feel even closer to the rug, now that you understand the reasons and culture behind it. You naturally want to take care of this textile wonder and so you

Should You Buy a Persian Rug? Some Things to Consider

You need a rug for your living room. You’ve heard wonderful things about the beauty and craftsmanship of Persian and Oriental rugs and so you’ve decided – just like that! – that a Persian or Oriental rug is what you will buy. But should you purchase one of these rugs? While these rugs are exceptionally beautiful and will last for

4 Signs of a Great Persian Rug

When it comes to a Persian or Oriental rug, quality definitely counts. But what exactly is quality when it comes to these textile works of art? How can you know when a rug is of good, fair or poor quality? Take a look below for four signs of a great Persian or Oriental rug. The finest of these rugs are

Signs You and Your Persian Rug Are Made for Each Other

How do you know that Persian or Oriental rugs are right for you? That you’re ready to purchase these textile works of art? And, more to the point, how do you know when a particular rug is the perfect rug for you. Read below. Signs that you’re ready to buy a fine, hand-knotted Persian or Oriental rug: You know who