5 Qualities to Look for In a Persian Rug Dealer

When it comes to purchasing a Persian or Oriental rug, you do want to research the history of these textiles and study the factors that make them valuable so that you’ll be sure to end up purchasing a quality rug. But the same could be said of finding a rug dealer from whom to purchase the rug: you want to

How do I know if my silk rug is really silk?

Why should you care if your rug is made of real silk or fake silk and why does this matter? Unfortunately there are merchants out there selling fake silk rugs as real silk rugs and overpriced.  Fake silk does not have the strength of real silk and will lose color and age fast. It is easy for these merchants to

How Well Do You Know Your Persian Rugs?

Are you pretty savvy when it comes to spotting a quality Persian or Oriental rug? If so, prove it! We’ve put together a short quiz about these beautiful works of art to see how well you really know your rugs. Here we go! Is a Persian rug an Oriental rug? If you answered yes, you are correct. Any rug hand-knotted

Weather related damages on your Persian and Oriental rugs.

Let us help you recover your rugs from bad weather this season. Weather can cause many problems Behnam Rugs is there to restore and repair your fine rugs. We have helped many customers in the past by restoring their rugs after a water leak through their roof, or a broken skylight let in hail,  and rain /debris, and cracked windows put

4 Things Your Persian Rug Dealer Wants from You

The main thing Mr. Ben “Behnam” Tavakolian wants for his customer is a pleasant visit while viewing the selection of fine handmade rugs available at Behnam Rugs. The next step is to help you find a Persian or Oriental rug you love and feel is a good investment. We have listed some suggestions to help with the process of finding