Do I have a Soumak rug?

What is a Soumak rug? Soumak rugs are very decorative with abstract geometric designs found mostly in smaller sizes due to being made by semi-nomadic tribal weavers. The spelling of this type of rug can be written different ways Soumak: Soumakh, Sumak, Sumac, and Soumac. Soumak is a type of weave, a flat weave like a Kilim but stronger and

A Short History of Tabriz Persian Rugs

The city of Tabriz in Iran sits in the northwest part of the country, near the border with Turkey. It is a major center of commerce because of its location. Tabriz is also well known for the fine Persian rugs that are made in the area. The city is known around the world for its Persian rugs and has played

What You Don’t Know About Hand-Tufted Rugs Could Hurt You

hand tufted rug front and back, Behnam Rugs Dallas

Hand Tufted Rugs What you don’t know about hand-tufted rugs could hurt you!  Hand-Tufted Rugs are not the same as Persian/Oriental rugs. Hand tufted rugs are made with a tufting gun shooting loops of yarn into a fabric. Once finished, glue is applied to the back of the rug to hold those yarn loops together. Then a second fabric is

A Brief History of Tribal Persian Rug Designs

Carpet weaving has always been an important part of Persian culture and art for centuries. Among all the regions in Asia that produce hand woven rugs, Persian rugs are known for the variety and complexity of their designs. In the past, Persian rugs were initially woven by nomadic tribes, in villages and towns, and even in the royal court. So,

Should You Insure Your Persian Rug?

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