Know Your Rug Before Having It Cleaned


Obviously, some amount of rug expertise is required in order to clean rugs, but just how important is it? Well, each and every handmade rug is unique. That means that no two rugs can be washed in exactly the same way. You’ll have to account for a rug’s origin, color, age, history, and more. We always recommend having your rugs

The Differences Between Silk and Wool Persian Rugs

The Differences Between Silk and Wool Persian Rugs If you are thinking about buying a hand-woven Persian or Oriental rug, you may be unsure about what kind of rug to purchase. Should you buy one made of silk or made of wool? Here are a few things to keep in mind about each of these materials as you make your

Persian and Oriental Rugs as Investments

You may often hear that hand-knotted Oriental and Persian rugs make good investments. This is truer for some rugs than others. While older rugs can increase in value and have the potential to provide a return on investment, this is often not the case for newer rugs. They may increase in value over time, but it’s best to look at

How Did So Many Moths Get Into My Rug?

Last Updated: 5 June 2017 Why Are There So Many Moths in My Home? Every four to six months, 30 to 200 eggs can be laid by a single moth! Each new moth is then able to lay 30 to 200 more eggs. These eggs are very tiny and, in some cases, can even blend into their surroundings. It only

Tabriz, an example of the finest rug in the world

This Persian Tabriz rug is on display at Behnam Rugs, it is worth taking a look at with its regal patterns including flowers, branches, and all over intricate design. A rug medallion is like the diamond on a ring.