How to Properly Store Your Persian Rug

As beautiful as your Persian rug is, there will be times when you decide that it may be best to store your rug for a few days, weeks, months, or even years. To make sure that your rug stays beautiful and free from moths or other hidden dangers, read the rug storing tips below. First, have your rug dusted and

Keep Noise Down Inside Your Home with the Help of Your Persian Rug

A gorgeous Persian rug is not only a lovely work of art in your home, but is also something that can be passed down – and greatly appreciated – from generation to generation. It can also act as something of a sound barrier in your home. If you live in an apartment or condominium a Persian or Oriental rug can

Is a Persian or Oriental Rug a Good Financial Investment?

We’ll be frank: if you’re looking to purchase an Oriental or Persian rug because it will appreciate in value a great deal in a couple of decades, don’t buy the rug. However, if you appreciate the exceedingly high craftsmanship that goes into making one of these exquisite pieces of “working” art (working in that you can use it in your

Are Oriental Rugs Just for Living Rooms?

Picture an Oriental or Persian rug in your mind’s eye. Where is it? Chances are it on the floor of a living room, isn’t it? Many people equate Oriental rugs with living rooms. After all, we see them on living room floors in movies and on television. So is the living room the only place to showcase an Oriental rug?

Does an Oriental Rug Work for Every Type of Décor?

Does an Oriental Rug Work for Every Type of Décor? Persian and Oriental Rugs work well in traditional style décor, but it is easy enough to incorporate the beauty of these special rugs in just about any type of style. The design of an Oriental or Persian rug can make a home filled with modern furniture warm and inviting. Modern