Identify Natural Silk Rug vs Viscose Rayon Silk Rug

Identify Natural Silk Rug vs Viscose Rayon Silk Rug How to differentiate Genuine Natural Silk Rug from Viscose Rayon Silk Rug? Natural Silk Rug Fibers The most important way to identify natural silk rug fibers from viscose rayon silk rug fibers is the rug burn test. Visit Behnam Rugs, Dallas, Texas. We help you with your silk rugs testing. When you gently

Organic Rug Cleaning

Organic Rug Cleaning By Rassin R. | November 20, 2018 | Behnam Rugs specializes in Organic Rug Cleaning and has taken great pride in the care of fine oriental rugs since 1978. Our expertise and experience combined with the ORGANIC RUG CLEANING TECHNOLOGY means authenticity of rug cleaning in America and the preservation of hand washing of all variety of

The Luxury Rug Offerings at Behnam Rugs

Behnam Rugs’ Luxury Boutique Not all rugs are created equally, and the same goes for rug services. At Behnam Rugs, we take great pride in offering the very best of anything and everything related to rugs. Behnam Rugs is your luxury boutique of rugs. After buying your rug, we suggest washing your rug before taking it home. Rug washing is

How to Shop For a Rug Online

Rug Shopping in Dallas at Behnam Rugs Rug Shopping in Dallas at Behnam Rugs…Visit our elegant rug boutique in North Dallas for an exquisite experience in Oriental handmade rugs. We offer oriental rug washing too. In this day and age of online shopping, you may wonder why or if you should be shopping for rugs in person. Shopping for a

What Should I Know Before Shopping for a New Rug?

We often have customers tell us that they love the gorgeous styles and designs of hand-knotted area rugs, but that they’re so overwhelmed when they walk into a rug showroom. We understand! When there are thousands of rugs in front of you, it’s so easy to give up on the search for a dream rug before you even begin. We’ve