How Mice can Destroy Your Rug

How Mice can Destroy Your Rug Fine rugs are an investment many hope to pass down to their children and grandchildren. That’s why it’s so important to care for your rug properly. Improper storage can lead to disaster. Customers come to Behnam Rugs all the time with rugs that have damage caused by mice. Is Damage Caused by Mice Fixable?

How to Store Your Rug to Avoid Moth Damage

How to Store Your Rug to Avoid Moth Damage So you’ve decided to store your heirloom rug. Moths are one of the biggest threats to the integrity of fine Oriental rugs in storage. They love dark spaces and dirty rugs. That’s why its essential to store your fine Oriental rug properly. An improperly stored rug can become a breeding ground

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How a Health Clinic Designed and Built a Modern Workspace

How a Health Clinic Designed and Built a Modern Workspace Choosing an installation method for your new rug can be an important process, especially if you want your home or office to look fashionable. Enter insert rugs, a fairly new method of rug installation in which the rug is installed flush with the floor by creating a depression in it.

Tufted Rug Dallas

Hand Tufted Rug-Behnam Rugs Dallas

Tufted Rug Dallas | Behnam Rugs Posted on June 22, 2019 What is a tufted rug? Behnam Rugs will explain that a tufted rug is an area rug that is produced by hand with a special handheld machine that follows a stenciled pattern on a special fabric. This machinery is called a “Tufting Gun”. Tufting guns shoot long yarn through