Things to Consider When Installing an Area Rug in a Cavity Floor

Installing Rug in Floor Cavity by Behnam Rugs in Dallas Installing Rugs in a floor cavity is a service by Behnam Rugs in Dallas. Any handmade rug can be altered to fit into a cavity floor. Do we recommend installing a rug in a cavity floor? At Behnam Rugs, we strongly suggest looking into other installation options. As nice as

Oriental Rug Education Dallas

Behnam Rugs for Oriental Rug Education January 19, 2019 Are you seeking Oriental Rug education? Behnam Rugs of Dallas is the number one place to gain rug education and rug solutions. We welcome our community to drop by and ask questions. We are here to educate and help people with their rug challenges. Since 1978, Behnam Rugs has been a

Rug Care Essentials

Care for Your Rug at Home January 7, 2019 | Caring for your rug at home is an important step in keeping your priceless handmade Persian rugs and handmade Oriental rugs healthy for many years. Consider Persian and Oriental rugs as your personal fine-art gallery. To care for these rugs you need to know the following: Persian handmade rugs

The Art of Rug-Reweaving

Do you have a Persian rug that needs reweaving? December 24, 2018 Behnam Rugs explains that Persian rug weaving and Oriental rug reweaving are interchangeable terms that essentially mean the same thing. Persian rug weaving is a process of creating a textile by interlacing threads. The initial rug weaving is done on a loom, a frame like piece of equipment

Identify a Natural Silk Rug vs a Viscose Rayon Silk Rug

How to Differentiate a Genuine Natural Silk Rug from a Viscose Rayon Silk Rug Natural Silk Rug Fibers The most important way to identify natural silk rug fibers from viscose rayon silk rug fibers is the rug burn test. Visit Behnam Rugs, Dallas, Texas. We can help you with your silk rug testing. When you gently remove a few fibers of silk