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In our June Seminar, “Rug, Dog, Wine,” Ben differentiated traditional, tufted, handmade, and machine made rugs and showed attendees the best ways to spot clean each specific type. He then discussed how to care for a rug when pets are in the home and how to prevent dogs from using your rug as a restroom. Ben then showed a live demonstration of how to remove pet stains and wine stains from your rug without causing the colors to bleed while also talking about how Behnam Rugs goes about professionally cleaning the more severe incidents.

March Event at Behnam Rugs

In our March Seminar, “How to Buy a Rug When Travelling Abroad,” Ben talked about the difference between a real silk rug and a viscose rayon silk and how to spot a quality rug when you see one. He also discussed how to negotiate a fair price to avoid being taken advantage of. Ben also discussed the rules and regulations regarding bringing handmade rugs through U.S. customs.