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Custom Rugs Gallery by Behnam Rugs in Dallas

Posted on January 14, 2019; by Rassin R.

Custom Rugs Gallery by Behnam Rugs in Dallas, Texas. Behnam Rugs presents “Custom Rugs” Gallery. We create your custom rug of oval, round, octagon rugs. We create custom cut for your unique Staircase Installation. Our custom rugs are available in any style, any shape, and any size. May you be interested in unique custom shapes for hallways, stairs, insert rugs, in the most unique and unusual shapes, and sizes. Behnam Rugs is your one-stop-shop for any kind of rug needs you might have. Our custom rugs made of wool or wool & natural silk or viscose rayon silk either by hand or by power looms.  Visit us on Instagram

Oval, Round, and Octagon Rugs

Oval and round rugs are one of the most sought after custom shapes. However, some customers desire octagon shaped rugs for their stately rooms. Oval Rugs are 2×3 up to 13×20 and our Round Rugs 2×2 up to 13×13.

Custom Rug Sizes

Behnam Rugs offers custom rugs with sizes as small as 2×2 and as large as 13×13. Yet, we also can cut rugs of 90 feet wide. No rug job is too small or too big for us. We offer custom measurement  and pattern for all custom rugs and contoured shapes for any space. Behnam Rugs is the solution for your creative edge on custom rugs sizes and shapes.  Visit us on Facebook at BehnamRugsDallas

Staircase Installation

We install rugs on curved stairs, L-shape stairs, straight stairs, U-Shaped stairs, winder stairs, and any custom designed staircases and shapes. If you can dream it, we can make it. We also can give your hallway and insert rugs a stunning look. Your house will definitely stand out.

Behnam Rugs

Stop by today at 18000 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75252, or call us at (972) 733-0400 and tell us what you need. Behnam Rugs is your only rug solution. We introduce our new dazzling creations of our modern creative Round & Oval Rugs from one of hundred design pattern, color, and texture at our custom rug gallery.  You can find us on Instagram Behnam.Rugs. The sizes we offer for Oval Rugs are 2×3 up to 13×20 and our Round Rugs 2×2 up to 13×13.

Behnam Rugs also has over thousands unique handmade rugs in its inventory. We can help you find your special rug for your special area or home. We specialize in unique services such as hand washing rug, rug appraisals, organic enzyme washing, rug restoration, and many more services. Call us today at (972) 733-0400.