Natural Leather Cowhide Rug Collection

Behnam Rugs-Cowhide Rug Collection

Natural Leather Rug Cowhide Collection by Behnam Rugs Dallas

Natural leather rug collection-Cowhide by Behnam Rugs in Dallas, TX. Behnam Rugs presents a new line of Natural Leather Rugs. We offer dazzling Cowhide area rugs that were created by designers. These natural custom cowhide rugs come in four styles, as well as in four sizes 2’0”x3’0”, 6’0”x9’0”, 8’0”x10’0”, and 9’0”x12’0” of area rugs. Our area rugs come in styles of:

  • Driftwood Cowhide Rugs
  • Saddle Cowhide Rugs
  • Flintstone Cowhide Rugs
  • Chevron Cowhide Rugs

Each of the cowhide rugs are hand stitched and backed in felt.  These exceptional cowhide rugs are durable and timeless. We also have “solid cowhide” that comes in different natural tones of dark brown, light brown, dark gray, and salt-pepper gray.  These natural leather rugs can accent any large or small area and tie your room together.  May your living area be of ranch & western style or modern new age decoration; our natural leather rugs will compliment your area.  Please visit us at our showroom in Dallas or simply give us a call at (972) 733-0400. We are open Monday-Saturday from 9am-5:30pm.

Driftwood Cowhide Area Rugs

Our Driftwood Cowhide area rug comes in modern patterns.  It has a rustic elegance; hand-stitched of cowhide geometric shapes, and backed in felt for support by artisans. Driftwood Cowhide comes in gray tones compliments industrial interior design areas.

Saddle Cowhide Area Rugs

Saddle Cowhide Rug comes in color combination shades of brown and cream. The geometric cowhide patchworks are hand-stitched and backed in felt for support by artisans.

Flintstone Cowhide Area Rug

Flintstone Cowhide Area Rug has a rustic stylish patchwork look.  Our Flintstone Cowhide area rug comes in two dazzling effects: black center with light border & brown center with light border.  Flintstone Cowhide rugs are hand-stitched and backed in felt for support by artisans.

Chevron Cowhide Area Rug

Chevron Cowhide Area Rug has a custom design in shades of natural gray. These chevron cowhide rugs are hand-stitched and backed in felt for support by artisans.

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