How to Purchase Handmade Rugs While Traveling Abroad

Purchase Handmade Rugs While Traveling Abroad

Rug shopping in Foreign Countries

Posted on February 21, 2019; by Rassin R.

Do you know how to purchase handmade rugs while traveling abroad?

Shopping for a rugs in a foreign country can be challenging and the risks of being taken advantage of are high for the average tourist. Every year we have been contacted by clients who have purchased rugs while traveling abroad. Most times, our clients have been disappointed to know they were sold a synthetic silk rug for the price of a natural silk rug. Bring your rug by and we can show you with a silk rug test if your rug is an authentic silk rug. Call us at 972-733-0400 to make an appointment.

Rug Appraisal

Behnam Rugs appraises hundreds of rugs yearly. The rugs that are appraised endure environmental damage, water damage, smoke damage, fire damage, vacuum damage, even pet damage. The majority of these rugs are heirlooms, or have been purchased in other countries while traveling on a cruise ship- even those who travel by air are not immune to fake rug excursion arrangements.

Rug Buying Experience

Often times we have noticed that the average American tourist has no idea what to expect when traveling to other countries. Tourists see beautiful rugs and purchase what they see, without examining the merchandise. This results in the purchase of viscose rayon silk in place of natural silk rugs, or the purchase of handmade woven rugs instead of Persian handmade rugs.

We have noticed that tourists typically lack the knowledge of other countries’ business psychology and in turn, the average American tourist has a negative buying experience. 

Bring your rug over to Behnam Rugs and we will inspect it and provide a host of services: Oriental rug cleaning, rug care services, repair, pet stain removal, and rug restoration services.