Identify a Natural Silk Rug vs a Viscose Rayon Silk Rug

How to Differentiate a Genuine Natural Silk Rug from a Viscose Rayon Silk Rug

Natural Silk Rug Fibers

The most important way to identify natural silk rug fibers from viscose rayon silk rug fibers is the rug burn test. Visit Behnam Rugs in Dallas, Texas. We can help you with your silk rug testing. When you gently remove a few fibers from the back side of a rug, and light it, the natural silk will burn slowly with a faint glow. The burning fibers will curl into a ball with a similar smell of burning human hair or bird feathers.  Once you touch the ashes, they break into powder.  Finally, when leaving the flame, it stops burning immediately.

Viscose Rayon Rug Fibers

In comparison, viscose rayon rugs fibers will burn with a smell like burning paper. The soft ashes will drip and form residue. (not considered ash). It also produces black smoke. It will continue to burn even after the flame is taken away. Man-made silk rugs are extremely flammable.

Natural silk and viscose rayon are very similar to the untrained eye. Viscose is as shiny and soft as natural silk. Natural silk is usually priced ten times higher than artificial.

A soft and waxy feeling is a unique characteristic of real silk rug products.

Handmade natural silk rugs have an uneven woven pattern versus machine made viscose rayon rugs; although both have a perfect look to the untrained eye.

Real silk rugs do not show fold lines because the fiber has flexibility. Yet viscose rayon rugs show folds and cannot be fixed. It will stay like that forever.

Washing Natural Silk Rugs

At Behnam Rugs, we specialize in professional rug cleaning, hand washing natural silk rugs delicately. We dry natural handmade Persian silk rugs and groom them to bring out their original characteristics. We use special organic shampoo. We also hand wash viscose rayon rugs.

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