Oriental Rug Care at Home

How to care for your Oriental Rug at Home? – By Behnam Rugs, Dallas

By Rassin R. | January 5, 2019 | BehnamRugs.com

How to care for your oriental rug at home, by Behnam Rugs, Dallas. Do you know how to care for your handmade Persian rugs and handmade Oriental rugs? Consider Persian and Oriental rugs are pricey and considered fine art pieces. To care for these rugs you need to know the following.

If you buy and collect handmade Persian rugs and handmade Oriental rugs, then you should know that they must be cared for. Persian handmade rugs come in different styles and patterns, such as wool pile over cotton foundation; wool and silk pile over cotton foundation; silk and wool over wool foundation; and silk pile over silk foundation, give us a call at (972) 733-0400.

Ancient Rug Care and Cleaning Process

How does rug care affect Persian handmade rugs or Oriental handmade rugs? These elegant fine art rugs need to undergo rug-cleaning in a certain way that has been practiced and perfected throughout centuries. Many times Persian rugs have been taken outside shaken and vigorously beaten with a carpet-beater or rug-whip, or used a natural twig-brush called “Jaru” (Straw-broom) correctly, you must sweep in the direction of the rug nap, not against. These straw-brooms could be purchased online through Amazon or at some home stores.

The best and simplest way is to sweep or broom and maintain your rug regularly by using a non-motor-rug-sweeper. This motor-free-rug-sweeper is in a flat rectangular canister shape that can reach under most furniture and sweep up debris without disturbing the rug pile.

If liquid is spilled on Persian rug or Oriental rug, blot with cloth, paper towel, or sponge. Do not rub the spill into the rug fibers. All rugs must have padding under the rug. Not only will your rug not slip, also prevent color transfer to underlying surface in case of spot or stain on the rug, may your rug be on the hard floor, tile, or wall-to-wall-carpet.

Things NOT to DO to Your Rug at Home:

  1. Do Not Vacuum with Beater Bar or Beater Brush
  2. Do Not use Harsh Detergents or Spot Remover
  3. Do Not Place Rug in Damp Areas
  4. Do Not Place Rug in Direct Heat
  5. Do Not Place Rug in Direct Sunlight for long periods

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