Oriental Rug Cleaning


Posted on February 21, 2019; by Rassin R.

Oriental Rug Cleaning is a service by Behnam Rugs in Dallas, TX. Oriental Rug Cleaning is not the same as Carpet Cleaning. Carpets are not labeled as Oriental or Persian. Carpets are out of synthetic fibers by a machine and they are tufted. Whereas, Oriental Rugs and Persian Rugs are handmade and hand-knotted rugs that are made on a loom and either knotted with a Turkish knot that represents the rug was made in India, Pakistan, Turkey, or any other region other than Iran. Iranian rugs are known as Persian handmade rugs and they are knotted with a Persian knot, which is much more sophisticated and delicate.

Now oriental rug cleaning is a process that originates from old Persia, today known as Iran. Oriental Rug Cleaning works with the handmade oriental rugs not against it. Rug cleaning is a delicate matter and need to be conducted in an authentic way.  Our organic-hand-washing method of washing rugs comes from a special technique that has been documented in Persian history of rug making & rug washing, and is used today.

Oriental rug cleaning is one process that is used for mainly oriental rugs. We use a similar process for authentic silk rugs. Yet, those still have a unique and different process, than that of a wool handmade rug. If we confused you, please call us at 972-733-0400 so we can schedule a time to pick up your rug and demonstrate what the difference is.

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