Oriental Rug Restoration


Posted on March 22, 2019; by Rassin R.

Oriental Rug Restoration a work of art by Behnam Rugs, Dallas, TX. Has your Oriental Rug been stressed and damaged by environmental factors? Or has your pet wrestled with your precious oriental rug? Whatever might be the cause of Oriental Rug Restoration needs, Behnam Rugs is at your service. Simply give us a call at 972-733-0400.

We have master weavers who are able to match the wool fibers, cotton fibers, silk fibers to that of your rugs design. We will advise you to recreate and patch the damaged area. However, we suggest you to wash your oriental rug periodically to prevent any external sources such as moths and pets to get into your rug fibers.

Restoring Oriental Rugs is accomplished by reweaving portions of the rug, either the surface pile or, in the case of holes, the underlying foundation as well. This process requires extreme technical skill, precision, expertise, and a refined eye to match the original texture of the rug, so that the repair is not detectable. Ultimately, the greatest reward in repairing your antique rug is knowing that a rare and beautiful work of art is being preserved for generations to come.

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