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Behnam Oriental Rugs store in Dallas has are one of the finest intricate handmade rug collections in all Dallas / Fort Worth. We offer one-of-a-kind silk rugs. The best of the Oriental rugs are also known as Persian rugs or Persian carpets. These fine handmade rugs are majority of times highly priced. Oriental Silk Rugs are made with Natural Silk fibers that come from a silkworm, these rugs are priceless. The natural silk rugs usually come in natural colors such as clear, yellow, light brown shades. Whereas, man made silk fiber rugs  known as viscose rayon silk rug fibers come in colored rainbow colors. 

Natural Silk Rugs vs Viscose Rugs

In order to recognize a natural silk rug from a viscose silk rug, one must perform the “Silk Fiber Test” or the “Rug Burn Test”. When you burn a small fiber from a silk rug, the burning strand will smell like burning hair. Also when you remove the flame, the natural fiber will stop burning an the ashes are similar to burned paper ashes. Light and powdery.

If you burn a fiber from the viscose rayon rug, the smell, is that of a burned wire, the residue is waxy and smears. After your remove the flame, the fiber will burn on.

If you are not sure what kind of rug you own, just bring your valued Oriental Rug in for a written appraisal. Our experts will examine and explain some history behind your valued rug.

Persian Silk Rugs

Persian silk rugs are the most intricate, and often most valuable, of all hand-knotted rugs. Persian silk rugs come in most breathtaking pattern and designs, and the fibers are naturally dyed and don’t color run while hand-washing. Wear as, synthetic died rugs have issues while washing and grooming. The natural silk rugs are fine, yet made of strong protein silk fibers used in these rugs allow more knots per square inch to be tied giving a clearer pattern with more detail and increased likeness to real-life, a good analogy being that of an HDTV over a regular TV.

The most valuable silk rugs are 100% silk from the warp and weft to the pile. Because of their silk foundation there can be more warp strings (visible as tassels or fringes at the ends of the rug) across with width – meaning more knots can be tied in a given area. With the more expensive materials coupled with finer knot counts comes more skilled artisans.