Persian Carpet Cleaning

Persian Carpet Cleaning by Behnam Rugs

Posted on March 22, 2019; by Rassin R.

Persian Carpet Cleaning a trade of master rug cleaners such as Behnam Rugs, Dallas, TX. Persian rugs also known as Persian Carpets, are ancient artworks that come from the Middle East area. To pin-point the Persian Rug originates from today’s IRAN. Although, Persian Rug designs are made by craftsmen from all over the region. There are expert hand made rugs by Pakistani, Afghani, Indian, and Chinese craftsman who have an expert in knotting Persian rug designs. Persian Carpet Cleaning is the same as saying Persian Rug Cleaning. We all know that European and most of the world interchangeably uses the word CARPET for RUG. Yet, in the United States, we use the word RUG for all handmade Persian Rugs.

Behnam Rugs Services

In short Behnam Rugs sells unique handmade contemporary, modern Persian rugs as well as traditional. We suggest all new rugs to be washed to make sure they are free of anything unwanted that was attached to your rug during international shipment. We also provide rug repair, rug restoration, and rug repair due to pet damage. We suggest all rugs new or old need to be cleaned and placed on top of a rug padding. We groom and wash wool rugs, cotton rugs, natural silk rugs.

We offer a selection of handmade Oriental silk rugs at our showroom. Then the cleaning of those handmade Persian Carpets/Rugs are all at the supervision of Behnam Rugs, 18000 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75252. Please call us 972-733-0400; for a complimentary rug pickup and delivery.