Rug Cleaning-Rug Washing


Posted on March 23, 2019; by Rassin R.

Rug cleaning and rug washing is important! Behnam Rugs is a master in rug cleaning. We are in the washing Persian rug business. We clean all sorts of Persian rugs and Oriental rugs. We clean all sorts of rugs, for example, wool rugs, wool-cotton rugs, silk-wool rugs, cotton-silk rugs, natural silk rugs, and man-made silk rugs. It is important to perform a professional rug cleaning on your rugs, especially those that are in high traffic areas. We use processes in deep rug cleaning. We hand-wash all of our rugs. Your Persian rug might be a runner, small rug, or area rug, at all case Behnam Rugs schedules a rug cleaning pickup. May your rug only need a rug spot cleaning or a major rug washing process. Majority of rugs are made of natural fibers and therefore are breathing and considered live material. Most of the time, wool comes from sheep. Therefore the fibers are naturally covered with natural animal oil to protect the wool. As wool-rugs are washed, the dead wool comes loose and gets washed away. Regardless if you just bought a brand new rug or a used rug, Behnam Rugs suggests that all rugs need to be washed to our own standards of “rug cleaning”.

Rug Cleaning at Home

Many customers ask, “Is cleaning Persian rugs at home, possible?” or “What is the best way to clean a rug by hand?” or “How to do rug maintenance?” –Yes, Behnam Rugs advises take a clean cloth, get it wet with clean tap water/city water, then gently rub in the direction of the pile. Try not to go against the pile, and don’t rub anything into the pile, be very careful. You don’t want to disturb the fibers. That is the way to clean your rug. If you have further questions about your area rug care, please call us at (972) 733-0400. Many customers ask, “Where to get my Persian rug and Oriental rug professionally cleaned?” or “Does anyone clean Throw Rugs?” or “washing rugs outside”.  Yes, Behnam Rugs does rug cleaning and rug washing inside our massive building located at 18000 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75252. We also clean machine made rugs as well as throw rugs and anything you can imagine. We just don’t clean “CARPETS”. We are not a carpet cleaning company!

Behnam Rugs’ Popular Rug Service

At Behnam Rugs we provide an array of services:

    1. Rug Cleaning
    2. Rug Washing
    3. Rug Restoration
    4. Rug Repair
    5. Written Rug Appraisals
    6. Rug Padding

Among our several services we offer rug repair, rug restoration, rug stain removal, and provide written appraisals for your antique Persian and oriental rugs. There are a variety of rug stains. Yet, majority of rugs either have food stains, beverage stains, or pet stains. If you like to know more about this subject, then please attend our upcoming event. Or simply read our Press Release on our main page.

Customers search for “where can I take my area rug to be cleaned?” or “Where to wash rugs?”  –Right here at Behnam Rugs. We are a local rug cleaning company. We service the entire Dallas/Ft-Worth area. Best way to contact us is to call 972-733-0400 or fill out our online form, or simply bring your rug by our showroom at 18000 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75252.