The Benefits of Rug Massage for Your Fine Rug

Rug beater and rug

The Benefits of Rug Massage for Your Fine Rug

At Behnam Rugs, we employ hand washing techniques passed down for generations from Old Persia. These techniques are gentle enough for even antique pieces.

Rug massage is a key part of our cleaning method. This technique loosens buildup in the pile of your rug that can cause odors and potentially damage the fibers of your rug.

So, what is rug massage? Rug massage entails stomping on the rug while it is partially rolled up. The depending on the size of the rug, one to four technicians stand on the rug while moving their feet up and down, effectively massaging the rug and loosening dirt trapped in the foundation of the rug. Both the front and the back of the rug is massaged in this way.

The process of stomping on the rug moves the fibers deep within the pile of the rug. Trapped dirt is moved to the top of the rug and is shaken off.

After the rug has been washed using absolutely no machines, it’s time for the rug massage. Rug massage is more effective on old and antique rugs after washing removes the dirt hiding right at the ends of the pile. The remaining debris in the rug is removed by massage to prevent odors from lingering.

The rug comes out cleaner than it would with washing alone. In the olden days, rug cleaners would beat rugs to remove this debris. Two strong individuals would hold the rug while another beat the rug with a bat or paddle. This breaks up the clay-like dust built up in the foundation of the rug.

Generally, a rug will not be very dusty if it lives in a humid environment unless you have pets or a lot of traffic on the rug. For further clarification, watch the short and fun educational video below.

If your rug has not been washed in a few years, it’s time for a professional cleaning. Call the experts at Behnam Rugs and treat your rug to a luxurious and clarifying rug massage.