How Did So Many Moths Get Into My Rug?

Why Are There So Many Moths in My Home?

Every four to six months, 30 to 200 eggs can be laid by a single moth! Each new insect is then able to lay 30 to 200 more eggs. These eggs are very tiny and, in some cases, can even blend into their surroundings. It only takes four to ten days for moths to hatch and start consuming wool, fabric, and clothing.

These larvae consume little by little, but they can easily spread throughout the house, multiplying year-round due to climate-controlled homes. Although they are hard to see, larvae can go from consuming little areas to big patches after hatching.


moth larvae living in a rug
Moth larvae living in a rug. Their paradise is your nightmare!


How Do I Get Rid of These Moths?

Now that you know how the pests got in your rug, you’re probably wondering how you can get them out. Let our rug specialists remove moths from your rugs using our washing facility– right here in North Dallas. Each rug gets a full hand washing with clear water, organic shampoo, and organic conditioner. Our wash is made specifically for the natural fibers in fine Persian rugs.

We wash each rug one by one on a flat surface, scrubbing front and back with active live bacteria enzymes. This kills and removes contaminants, like moths! Don’t wait for moths to come around before you take your rug in for a wash, though. Rugs should be washed at least every three to five years. Not only will your rug be beautiful, but you’ll be preventing moths just by keeping your rug clean.


While your rugs are gone, we suggest fully disturbing every area in your home by wiping down surfaces, under couches, tables, chairs, and circulating air in any secluded rarely walked in rooms.

This will help stop the cycles and encourage the moths to find a new home.

If you have a rug that has been damaged by moths, call us about repairing it! Dial 972-733-0400.