Rug Shampooer

Rug Shampooer-Persian rug washing


Posted on March 21, 2019; by Rassin R.

“Rug Shampooer” what a catchy term. Yes, Behnam Rugs shampoos your handmade rug, but not the way you might think. We use organic shampoos to clean your handmade oriental rug. We use proven techniques that has been documented and handed down for centuries.

Behnam Rugs uses organic enzymes for the different rug washes. May your pet spoil your unique rug, bring it in for Behnam Rugs to wash it and bring it back to its original state of health.

Yes, we are your “Rug Shampooer” of the Dallas Fort Worth area. Contact us for all your questions and needs. We also write rug appraisals for your insurance purposes.

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