Rug Storage Tips

Rug Storage Tips

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So you’ve decided to store your heirloom rug. It’s vital that you follow the advice outlined below to ensure your rug retains its value and doesn’t fall victim to mice, moths, water, or temperature damage.

An improperly stored rug can become a breeding ground for hungry and destructive moths. There are a few tips you should follow if you are preparing to store your precious rug. Choosing not to follow these tips can result in a damaged rug that needs costly repairs or even the complete destruction of your rug.

The first thing you’ll want to do is have your rug washed and cleaned professionally. It may seem like a waste to clean a rug that’s going into storage, but a dirty rug poses a multitude of risks.
Next, make sure to store your rug in a dry, climate controlled space. Both extreme heat and extreme cold can cause a variety of issues.

Once you have selected a spot to store your rug(s), thoroughly clean the space. Sweep, vacuum, and if you have access to an electric leaf blower, blast the area, especially nooks and crannies where pests may be hiding.

Once your rug and the storage area are clean, you’re ready to store your rug. Use a bed sheet or muslin to wrap your rug completely so that no moths can get in and damage the rug. Why wrap it in bed sheets and cotton fabrics? The wool, silk, and cotton fibers your rug is made of need oxygen in order to survive. Never wrap your rug in plastic or paper. Moths eat paper and plastic doesn’t breathe, resulting in condensation that leads to mold, changes the colors of the rug, and imparts a musty smell.

You will probably want to wrap your rug around a cardboard cylinder so that it has no trouble standing up if it’s stored in a small space. It is always a good idea to store rugs in a roll elevated from the floor. Make sure to store your rug vertically.

Next, inspect your rug and its covering for dampness. If your covering has become damp, remove it immediately and find a new cover for the rug. If you’re vigilant about checking your storage area, it’s likely that a moist rug covering will not have had time to dampen and damage your rug.

If you want to be extra safe, install a few moth and mouse traps around your rug in its storage area as a preventative measure. We highly recommend a rug in storage be opened outside every two to three years for direct sunlight to penetrate both the front and back sides of your rug. This kills bacteria and any moths or eggs that have latched on to your rug. Vacuuming the front and back at this time improves longevity as well.

Finally, don’t forget about your rug! Check the storage area frequently for dust and debris that can attract moths, mice, squirrels, and termites. The oils and protein in your rug fibers make a nutritious meal for these pests.

And there you have it! Everything you should do to store your rug and prevent damage. Following these tips will result in a rug that retains its value over time.

Behnam Rugs offers free advice if you’re not sure where or how to store your fine rug. We also offer rug wrapping services and sell moth traps. Call 972-733-0400 for more information.

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Wrapping a rug in sheets

Wrapping a rug in sheets

Wrapping a rug in sheets