Area Rug Cleaning Dallas

rug cleaning by hand washing

Behnam Rugs has been performing rug washing by hand since 1978. Our process is safe for rugs, even silk and antique rugs, all done by trained professionals at our Dallas facility. We also cleaning services for all types of rugs: Shag, Pakistani, Egyptian, Chinese, Persian (Iran), Indian, Dhurrie, Egyptian, and Chinese rugs. Our hand washing methods have been passed down for generations from Old Persia, and are guaranteed to safely restore tired, dirty rugs to their original luster. Trust the experts when it comes to rug rejuvenation.

If you have a different type of rug that needs rug repair and restoration, do not hesitate to call us. 

At Behnam Rugs Dallas, cleaning a hand-knotted rug is a multi-step process designed to maximize efficiency and effectiveness while preserving the rug:

  • Pre-washing treatment for existing stains and imperfections
  • Hand-washing method using organic shampoo, brushes, and paddles to remove most types of soil and dirt from the rug
  • Washing: at a minimum, we wash and rinse the surface (front) of the rug until the water runs clear three times, and the back of the rug three times, for a total of six times washing the front and back of the rug to ensure there is no debris or dirt left in the pile of the rug
  • Deodorization using a bacterial enzyme bath to address unpleasant odors from pet urine, smoke residue, or other sources
  • Drying in a flat surfaced area; no machines during the process at all- just sun and wind
  • Final inspection
  • Grooming to set the pile in its original direction, straighten the fringe, and a final vacuuming to remove all small debris (if any)

To schedule pickup or for any inquiries, call us at 972-733-0400. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about our processes.