Persian Rug Color Damage Restoration

When the dyes on a rug bleed and blend onto one another, we refer to this as “color running.” Color running may seem like the end of your rug, however, at Behnam Rugs, our cleaning experts have had years of experience fixing rugs in all sorts of conditions. We will do our best to restore the original beauty of your Persian rug.

On Persian and Oriental rugs, color running can occur for a variety of reasons. Floods, for example, are one of the main causes of color running. Pet stains can also cause color running. Another reason is when a rug is improperly washed. Color running is often the result of a rug being washed by machine, rather than by hand. Before we wash any rug, we always ask the owner if the rug has been washed before. This is because rugs that are older and have never been washed are more prone to color running. If we know your rug has not been washed before, we can stabilize the dye before we wash it.