Rug Installation Services

Rugs are heavier than they look. Our team of professionals will install your rug, safely and securely, inside your home. There are a few different steps our professionals take to best suit your needs.

  1. Our professionals will make sure your rug is positioned correctly and in the exact spot where you want it. Rugs are placed according to the direction of the nap. We will make recommendations on placement based on light reflection and the surrounding area.
  2. Our professionals will remove all wrinkles out of your rug, ensuring that your rug is installed completely flat.
  3. Our professionals will ensure that the position of your rug will not negatively affect the durability and maintenance requirement of your rug.
  4. Our professionals will differentiate the light side of your rug and the dark side of your rug.

Rugs are quite heavy, and they can also be quite dangerous. Our installation experts will take care of installing your rugs and moving any furniture or objects that may be in the way.


Behnam Rugs cannot emphasize the need for rug padding enough. Proper padding is not just important for the health of your rug. It’s important for your own health, too!

Rugs can be quite slippery, even on carpeted surfaces. A rug pad will ensure that your rug stays exactly where you want it to be. On hard-surface flooring, padding could very well prevent your rug from slipping up under you and causing you to fall. Additionally, proper padding will extend the lifespan of your rug by eliminating wrinkles and waves that turn into tears and splits over time.

Over the years, we have evaluated dozens of different rug padding materials. Behnam Rugs assures you that we carry the best padding materials for your needs. The cost is nominal, and your rugs will thank you. You can read more about rug padding on our blog post, Pick the Right Rug Padding.