Is a Persian or Oriental Rug a Good Financial Investment?

Hand Dropping a Coin in a Piggy BankIs a Persian or Oriental Rug a Good Investment?

We’ll be frank: if you’re looking to purchase an Oriental or Persian rug because it will appreciate in value a great deal in a couple of decades, don’t buy the rug. There is no guarantee that the rug you buy will appreciate in value, it’s better to buy a rug because you love it, not because you think it might be worth more down the line.

However, if you appreciate the exceedingly high craftsmanship that goes into making one of these exquisite pieces of “working” art (working in that you can use it in your home or office), then we encourage to purchase a fine rug and appreciate its beauty.

In other words, it’s best to purchase a rug first for its craftsmanship and beauty and second as a financial investment.

Will your rug go up in value as the years go on? The answer: It depends.

It depends on how well-made the rug is to begin with and how well you take care of the rug over the years. The rug’s condition and current trends are large factors in how much the rug will be worth. A rug’s value on the open market also depends on the value of rugs in that market at the time you sell it.

In general, Oriental and Persian rugs do tend to hold their value (as compared to other types of rugs and furnishings that lose value quickly), although it can be a very long time until you recoup the purchase price.

If the rug is of exceptional quality but has obvious wear, a quality restoration will increase its value, but you’ll need to weigh the cost of that restoration (considerable) against any price you could realistically receive for it on the market when you decide to sell it.

Is it worth it if you need to invest $2,000 in repairs on a $2,000 or even $3,000 rug? It’s very hard to say, especially if you may not sell the rug for several years.

It’s very difficult, if not impossible, to ascertain a rug’s value in the market 5, 10, or even 25 years from the time you purchase it or restore it. The market and consumer desires are constantly changing, and your rug may even be worth less down the line, especially if it has not be properly cared for.

That’s why, as we said above, we highly recommend that you purchase a rug because you love it, you enjoy its beauty, and you want something that will bring you pleasure for years or even decades to come. Buying a rug in the hopes that it will appreciate in value is a risky move. High quality handmade rugs can easily cost thousands of dollars, and while they can typically maintain that value over time with proper care, turning a profit from that rug is never guaranteed.

If you are looking to purchase a rug that will appreciate in value, the best thing to do is buy a traditional Persian or Oriental rug. These pieces never go out of style, which means their demand in the market is pretty constant. A high quality handmade rug like these is more likely to be worth more after ten or twenty years because they continue to be sought after by collectors and the public. Even if the rug you buy doesn’t end up being worth significantly more at a later date, it is unlikely to be worth significantly less than you bought it for if it is handmade and in a traditional style. Don’t expect that modern machine made rug you bought to appreciate! These rugs are lucky if they last more than 10 years.

Yes, a fine Persian or Oriental rug is a good financial investment! It may appreciate in value and leave your family an heirloom. Call Behnam Rugs in Dallas at 972-733-0400.

How a Health Clinic Designed a Modern Workspace

Health Clinic Area Rug Installation Modernizes the Workspace

Choosing an installation method for your new rug can be an important process, especially if you want your home or office to look fashionable. Enter insert rugs, a fairly new method of rug installation in which the rug is installed flush with the floor by creating a depression in it. That way your rug is not a tripping hazard and aligns perfectly with the floor for a seamless transition.

Recently, Behnam Rugs completed a project for the Cooper Clinic using the insert rug style. Behnam trimmed three area rugs for an exact fit within the 1-inch depression created in the floor.

Their skilled master weavers did this all by hand by using perfect measurement and pattern-making of the cavity to alter a larger rug to fit the space within 1/16th of an inch. It is imperative that the rug fits the depression in the floor exactly for aesthetics.

The finished project.

Cooper Clinic was very happy with how their installation turned out thanks to Tufenkian Rugs, Debbie Bagley, and Behnam Rugs.

Cooper Clinic is a health and wellness organization that gives patients an in-depth, personalized look at their health using specialized tests in less than a day. They offer preventive medicine and fitness tests that were groundbreaking when the clinic opened in 1970. Since then, the Cooper Clinic has become the world’s biggest source of fitness data as it pertains to health. Cooper Clinic recently expanded their location and needed rugs installed in a way that would match their modern taste in decor.

Technicians work on the insert installation to ensure an exact fit.

The installation was completed by Behnam Rugs July 26th, 2019.

Debbie Bagley and Furstenwerth & Bagley Design were also responsible for designing the custom designer rugs used in the insert installation. The firm is known for their full-service interior design experience.

A project like this one often involves multiple design specialists coming together to create something stunning. If you have a project in mind, call 972-733-0400 to discuss the logistics of your rug installation.


Rug Fringe Repair

The Fringe Benefits of Proper Fringe Repair: Why Proper Fringe Maintenance Matters

First we have to know how fine rugs are made.

Fine rugs are made on a loom.

Warps: the parallel vertical yarns running the length of the rug “interlaced” with the

Wefts: horizontal yarns through the warps of the rug.

The warp makes up the backbone of your rug and is what all the wool, silk, or cotton pile is constructed on.

If you look at the shorter end of a real handmade rug you will see this off-white stringy material hanging off the end of the rug-this is the fringe or tassels. The fringe is knotted at the base to close off the weaving of the rug and secure the rest of the rug from untying. If all of the fringe and knots are cut off or removed the rest of the rug will start to unravel- that is why we say do not remove the fringe yourself.

If you must remove the fringe have an expert do it that knows how to secure your rug, by rebinding the ends correctly and in a way that maintains the rug’s value. Rug experts will help you decide what type of repair is needed such as adding new fringe, reweaving new fringe, or making fringe out of the rug itself. The rug expert will also look at the type of rug, age, condition, and material of the tassels: cotton, wool, silk, synthetic, or man-made to pick the right tassels to match the age of the rug.

We have seen and re-repaired so many unprofessional repairs on antique rugs through the years in order for rug owners to again enhance the value and beauty and art of their handmade rug.

Missing Fringe Repair
Missing Fringe Repair

If the wrong fringe is put on your antique rug

it will look the same as a bad wig on a human!

Why is fringe so important, and how does it work? The tassels of a rug act like a hem of clothing that both finishes the textile and keeps it from unraveling. This is why we stress not to vacuum the fringe of your rug and only sweep it.

If you have a machine-made rug, in most cases the fringe has been added after the rug was completed. This fringe can be removed by an expert and the ends re-worked so you can continue to enjoy your rug.

The tassels of a rug tell many different things like how old the rug is and how dirty it is. Rug washing is an art and making sure the fringe of your rug comes out nice and white without using harsh chemicals is key to a long life for your rugs. If you have had your rugs washed by a non-rug care professional the tassels could start falling out and turning yellow.  If you need fringe repair or are looking to remove all the fringe please call Behnam Rugs to do it right to maintain the value of all your rugs.

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