6 Things You Can Do for Your Valuable Rugs During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Rug on Staircase6 Things You Can Do for Your Valuable Rugs During the Coronavirus Outbreak

1. Get to know your rugs: the size, construction, age, pattern, colors, materials, and any relevant history. If you did not receive this information when you bought your rug, contact Behnam Rugs at 972-733-0400, as we can help you ascertain these things.


2. Create a portfolio for your rugs. Take well-lit photos of your rugs, or have a professional do it for you. Find out the origin, material, construction, age, and value of each rug. Include this information in the portfolio. To do this accurately, you may need an appraisal or evaluation. Behnam Rugs offers verbal appraisals as well as written appraisals for insurance purposes. That brings us to the next point.


3. Get your rugs appraised and evaluated. Instead of in-person appraisals, Behnam Rugs is now offering virtual appraisals. Measure your rug, take note of the material and any other relevant information, and then give us a Facetime call. Our experts will tell you exactly how much your rug is worth, as well as its origin and age. If you are interested in cleaning or restoration, we will tell you what that will cost. Call 972-733-0400 to set up a Facetime call.


4. Estate plan your rugs. Your estate plan should include your valuable art and furnishings if it doesn’t already. Using the information you gathered during appraisal, decide how you want your rugs to be used. Will a family member inherit the rugs? Will they be donated for a tax credit? It is smart to have a plan in place in case of unforeseen circumstances. This is ensures your rugs will be taken care of according to your wishes and will maximize family harmony.


5. Have your rug professionally cleaned. Rugs can be breeding grounds for germs. Behnam Rugs cleans and sanitizes every rug using a proprietary 10-Step Hand Washing Process that ensures your rugs are returned to you beautifully restored. In addition, our technicians wear gloves, masks, and foot coverings to stop the spread of germs when out for delivery or pick up. You do not need to be in the room when they pick up or deliver your rug for free.


6. Inspect your rug for moths. Rugs, especially ones placed in rooms that do not experience a lot of traffic or light, can become breeding grounds for destructive moths. Now that you’re home, it’s the perfect time to check for them. Look for threadbare patches on your rugs. Make sure to inspect corners and turn up those edges to check underneath, as they are more likely to eat the back of the rug first. Often times, moths and their larvae hide on the underside of your rug. The moths that eat wool will be buff in color and are smaller than the average house moth. Their eggs look like grains of rice. Moth larvae and their casings look like sticky yarns adorning the back of your rug.

There you have it, 6 ways to stay productive during the Coronavirus outbreak. Call 972-733-0400 to schedule cleaning today.

Inheriting a Rug: How Valuable is Your Parents’ Persian or Oriental Rug?

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Inheriting a Rug: How Valuable is Your Parents’ Persian or Oriental Rug?

So, how do you include a fine rug in your estate plan, and what should you do if you’ve inherited a rug? Read on to find out how to estate plan an inherited rug.

To include a rug in your estate plan, you need to know your rug. Important details to include are the value, origin, age, size, style, design, and colors. If you have inherited a rug, or are updating your estate plan to include fine rugs, the best thing to do is to get the rug(s) evaluated and appraised by certified experts like the ones you’ll find at Behnam Rugs.

Trained professionals can look at your rug and tell you its value, as well as historical details you may not have known. You can use the appraisal they give you for insurance as well as estate planning purposes. In addition, it is helpful to create a portfolio of your fine works of art, which should include any fine rugs you have purchased or inherited.

Not sure how to create a portfolio? Don’t sweat it, you can learn exactly how to do that by attending our upcoming educational rug seminar brunch on March 21st from 10 am to 1 pm at our 18000 Preston Road showroom. Owner and rug expert Ben Tavakolian will educate attendees on the topic “Estate Plan Your Rugs or Gamble with Your Assets.” This event will cover estate planning, how to create a rug portfolio, how to donate your rug for a tax credit, how to sell and trade your rug, and more.

Fine, handmade rugs will last at least a generation, if not multiple generations. The unique colors and designs your grandparents loved may not be in demand any more. However, there is beauty in these special pieces. Colors that were popular in the 70s, 80s, and 90s include pastels, peach, rose, royal and navy blue, and red. It is likely that any rug you inherit from these time periods will contain some of those colors. Chinese rugs were quite popular back then, especially in the art deco, Peking, friendship and dragon styles. These rugs came in all sizes, from small 2′ by 3′ pieces to 14′ by 24′.

The best thing to do with them is keep them in the family by passing them down to loved ones. However, if you don’t love the rug you inherited, you can always gift them to religious or educational organizations that accept donations for a tax credit so that others can enjoy the beauty of the rug.

Before you decide what you want to do with the rug, make sure it’s in the best condition possible. The rug is probably ready for a professional cleaning and may need repairs as well. This maintenance extends the life of the rug and is highly recommended to ensure the rug withstands the test of time.

Bring it to a reputable washing and repair facility, such as the one at Behnam Rugs. You should also get the rug evaluated and appraised so that you know its value and if it needs any work done and what that will cost. The experts at Behnam Rugs can tell you if the rug is worth restoring. Family owned and operated, Behnam Rugs offers its customers generations of expertise, knowledge, and care. Call 972-733-0400 to schedule an appraisal.

Press Release: March 21st Estate Planning Event


Dallas, TX- February 17th, 2020:

Do you own valuable rugs? If so, are you sure your affairs are in order? Estate planning is an important process that should account for all of the possessions you value. Fine rugs are like works of art, and should be valued as such. That’s why Behnam Rugs, Dallas’ premiere emporium of fine handmade rugs is holding an educational brunch seminar free to the public on March 21st from 10 AM to 1 PM.

Attendees will learn how to protect their assets, as well as what to do with their fine rugs in cases of selling, trading, and donation for a tax credit. Owner and rug expert Ben Tavakolian will lead the informational seminar.

Estate planning is more than stocks, bonds, and real estate. Your estate plan should include your valuable art and furnishings,” he stated. It’s vital that estate planning take valuable rugs into account, especially if you want to keep them in the family and let your loved ones know the rugs’ worth.

If you wish to learn how to create a portfolio and proper documentation for your fine rugs, this seminar is for you. Besides being given the opportunity to learn about the history, care, and acquisition of handmade rugs in a laid-back setting with delicious food and beverages, guests can bring in their own rugs and receive a free written appraisal and evaluation from the Behnam team of experts for insurance purposes. The showroom is located at 18000 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75252. Dogs are welcome.

About Behnam Rugs:

Behnam Rugs has been in the business of selling fine, handmade rugs and providing outstanding cleaning, repair, and restoration services since 1978. Their showroom has been located at 18000 Preston road since 1999, when Behnam “Ben” Tavakolian moved the company in order to create a beautiful Mediterranean-style emporium and service center.

The location uses as much natural light as possible to showcase an unparalleled selection of gorgeous antiques, handmade pieces, and new rugs from around the world. Interior designers, architects, and homeowners draw inspiration from the incomparable selection. Next to
to the showroom is Behnam’s sister company, Persian Rug Cleaner. Persian Rug Cleaner is known for utilizing traditional Persian rug cleaning, rug repair, and restoration services. Its expert technicians provide care gentle enough for fine silks and antiques. The weavers provide patching, reweaving, and fringe restoration services that result in pieces restored to their original beauty.


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