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Posted on June 22, 2019

What is a tufted rug? Behnam Rugs will explain that a tufted rug is an area rug that is produced by hand with a special handheld machine that follows a stenciled pattern on a special fabric. This machinery is called a “Tufting Gun”. Tufting guns shoot long yarn through the fabric while passing by horizontally. This leaves a yarn loop at the back and the front for each shot.  Upon completion, a bonding agent such as glue is applied to the back of fabric to hold the loops in place. On top of the glue another fabric is applied to keep looped yarn and glue in place.

Tufted Rug - Behnam Rugs, Dallas, TX

The right side forming the pile will then been sheared and trimmed. The amount of time to make a hand-made tufted 8×10 rug can range from two-weeks to a month; whereas a handmade 8×10 Persian rug takes at least one year to finish.

Hand Tufted Rug - Behnam Rug

Traditionally, tufted rugs were made by hand and designed finely to be used in wearable garments. Today, tufted rugs are made thick and are used as floor covers and area rugs; they are fairly inexpensive. 

The method involved in making a tufted rug is loop-in and loop-out, but the top loop in the front face, facing the weaver, will be cut and later trimmed down to create a thick pile.

Tufted rugs come in various designs and shapes that are appealing to the younger generation.

Keep in mind that pets and especially dogs are allergic to certain tufted rugs. Dogs will attack the rug or pee on the rug. The reason for this is that dogs can smell the glue and it irritates their noses.

In our 2nd event on June 8th, 2019, we explained what goes into a tufted rug and why dogs will show aggression toward tufted rugs. Your dog is telling you that they don’t like that rug. It is best to buy natural handmade oriental rugs instead of a tufted rug. Not only will your pet be happy, but you have also made an investment that will last a long time.

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Posted on March 30, 2019

Behnam Rugs, a professional Oriental rug boutique has serviced Highland Park, TX since 1978. Behnam Rugs carries traditional multi-size handmade rugs as well as modern area handmade rugs.  We specialize in authentic handmade rugs. Visit our boutique bazaar showcasing our fine handmade rugs at our rug gallery on 18000 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75252. Our store hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:00AM to 5:30PM. If you want to schedule an appointment for a rug pickup or written rug appraisal; please call us at 972-733-0400.

Behnam Rugs proudly services the Dallas/Fort-Worth and North Texas area since 1978. We offer frequent seminars at our showroom and explain many topics. If you wish to participate in some of our seminars, please call us with your questions, we will be delighted to provide  you an answer.

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With the change of season, it is advised to wash your rugs and get a moth prevention treatment.


Behnam Rugs is a professional Oriental rug cleaning service in the heart of North Dallas. We specialize in oriental rug washing for all kinds of handmade area rugs and large Persian area rugs and runners. We can also cut and design unique shapes out of your old rug. Stop by for a free consultation.

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Why People Think Persian Rugs are Better Than Oriental Rugs

Are Persian Rugs Better Than Oriental Rugs?

Have you been told that a hand-knotted Persian rug is better than a hand-knotted Oriental rug? Or do you just have a feeling or belief that Persian rugs are better than an Oriental rug?

If so, you are correct as well as incorrect. We’ll explain below.

First, you must understand that all rugs known as Persian and Oriental rugs are actually Oriental rugs. The term Persian rug denotes a rug that is made in Iran (much of Iran was once known as Persia, hence the name Persian rug), while a hand-knotted Oriental rug is one that is made in India, China, Egypt, Afghanistan, or Pakistan.

The difference between them predominately is in the history of the designs of the rugs.

If you were to purchase a Tabriz Persian rug, for example, you’d be purchasing a rug with a design named for its city of origin: the city of Tabriz. A rug in the Tabriz design may not actually be made in Tabriz today, because as the popularity of any one design grew, the patterns started to be created elsewhere. Other well-known Persian rug designs include Hamadan, Heriz, Gabbeh, and Dubba – all named for the cities where the particular design originated.

A Persian rug’s design pattern tends to be one of four traditional patterns: a medallion in the center of the rug, an all-over design, a one-sided layout, and a compartment layout. Their designs tend to have specific meaning for the city or region from which the design originated.

Persian rugs historically were of far better quality than Oriental rugs, which is why many people believe them to still be of higher quality.

Oriental rugs

An exhibition of Oriental rugs.

But the craftsmanship that goes into creating a hand-knotted Oriental rug is on par with the artistry needed to weave a Persian rug. There’s really not much difference between the two types of rug when it comes to their quality and any that there is would take an expert’s eye to discern.

The real reason a hand-knotted rug is so valuable is because it is knotted by hand, a process that can take months and even years (depending on the rug’s size). A hand-knotted Persian rug, for example often has a very thick pile of up to 160 knots per square inch!

So unless you are a true expert in these rugs, we recommend that you purchase a rug with a design you love and leave the beggarly squabbling over whether a Persian rug is “better” than an Oriental rug to the experts. In other words, enjoy your tapestry work of art!

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By Vert (Own work) [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons