Rug Cleaning: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Rug Cleaner

Hand Washing Oriental Persian RugRug Cleaning: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Rug Cleaner

This blog will go over the 5 things you should consider when deciding to get your rug professionally cleaned.


This is the biggest factor most consider when choosing a professional rug cleaner. Be aware, going with the cheapest option isn’t always a smart move. Often, cheaper services use harsh chemicals on your rug, resulting in damage to the delicate rug fibers. We understand that you are probably on a budget, shop around to find a firm that is affordable but not cheap. When rug cleaning is cheap it’s often too good to be true.

Many companies charge by square foot and wash every rug the same way. However, it is important to note that every rug must be cleaned according to why it needs to be washed and what you are trying to remove from the rug.


Next, research the companies you are considering. In particular, look at their Google and Yelp reviews. While most every company will have had at least one unsatisfied customer, you want to go with someone who has minimal negative reviews and extensive positive reviews from happy customers. We don’t recommend working with a company with less than a 4 star Google rating.

Read the reviews thoroughly to get an idea as to what the company’s strengths are. Why are their customers satisfied? You want the positive reviews to be for the same services you are going to receive. Awesome repair reviews are great, but if they don’t have many cleaning reviews you may want to go somewhere else.

Beware of the company with only a couple reviews, even if they have a good rating. This indicates they don’t get much business and may not have enough experience. We have seen over and over that people entrust their fine handmade rugs to carpet cleaners, resulting in damage that is sometimes irreparable. This brings us to the next point.


When it comes to fine, handmade rug, experience matters. You want to work with a company with many years of experience cleaning rugs, or even better- generations of experience. A company that has been in the field a long time has the experience you want and will be prepared to handle anything that comes their way. They are unlikely to be surprised by the condition of your rug. They will be ready to tackle it head on with proven cleaning methods they’ve used for years.


Is it time for your rug to be cleaned? Behnam Rugs recommends professional cleaning every three to five years depending on the amount of traffic received and the use of the rug. We know this isn’t what usually happens. Waiting a long time between washing allows dirt and dust to build up and affect the longevity of your rug.


Ask what cleaning methods and materials the company utilizes. NEVER work with a company that uses chemical solvents and cleaners. Your rug should be treated with the utmost care and gentle cleansers.

At Behnam Rugs, we use mild organic shampoos and live bacteria enzymes. The enzymes break down dirt, odors, and stains into molecules that bacteria can digest and remove. We also use traditional hand-washing methods passed down from Old Persia. We use paddles to remove dirt stuck deep in the pile of your rug. We shampoo rugs three times to ensure all dirt and odors are removed. The face of the rug is washed three times and the back of the rug is washed three times, in each instance until the water runs out clear.

You should look for a company that uses the same methods as Behnam Rugs if you are not in the DFW metroplex and cannot employ our services.

The Benefits of Rug Massage for Your Fine Rug

Rug beater and rug

The Benefits of Rug Massage for Your Fine Rug

At Behnam Rugs, we employ hand washing techniques passed down for generations from Old Persia. These techniques are gentle enough for even antique pieces.

Rug massage is a key part of our cleaning method. This technique loosens buildup in the pile of your rug that can cause odors and potentially damage the fibers of your rug.

So, what is rug massage? Rug massage entails stomping on the rug while it is partially rolled up. The depending on the size of the rug, one to four technicians stand on the rug while moving their feet up and down, effectively massaging the rug and loosening dirt trapped in the foundation of the rug. Both the front and the back of the rug is massaged in this way.

The process of stomping on the rug moves the fibers deep within the pile of the rug. Trapped dirt is moved to the top of the rug and is shaken off.

After the rug has been washed using absolutely no machines, it’s time for the rug massage. Rug massage is more effective on old and antique rugs after washing removes the dirt hiding right at the ends of the pile. The remaining debris in the rug is removed by massage to prevent odors from lingering.

The rug comes out cleaner than it would with washing alone. In the olden days, rug cleaners would beat rugs to remove this debris. Two strong individuals would hold the rug while another beat the rug with a bat or paddle. This breaks up the clay-like dust built up in the foundation of the rug.

Generally, a rug will not be very dusty if it lives in a humid environment unless you have pets or a lot of traffic on the rug. For further clarification, watch the short and fun educational video below.

If your rug has not been washed in a few years, it’s time for a professional cleaning. Call the experts at Behnam Rugs and treat your rug to a luxurious and clarifying rug massage.

Rug Stains: How to Remove Holiday Wine Spills

Wine spilled on rugRug Stains: How to Remove Holiday Wine Spills

For many, the holiday season is a time to share their home with family and other beloved guests. Friends gather round to share stories and make new memories. This is also the time of year your rugs are more at risk for spills and stains. Everyone loves delicious food and wine, but no so much when it spills on their fine handmade rug.

Luckily, the experts at Behnam Rugs have some tips when it comes to removing wine stains. Read this blog to learn how to clean up spills without damaging your rug, and if all else fails, bring it to us for a gentle hand washing, it’s probably overdue!

First of all, never use carpet cleaners, over the counter spot removers, or detergents on a fine rug- they can damage the rug beyond repair! Use natural remedies you can find in your home. If you spill red wine, try to absorb as much of the spot as you can with paper towels as soon as possible.

Open your fridge and see if you have any plain yogurt. Make sure it’s unflavored. Take a spoonful and rub in on the stain gently. Use the spoon to rub it in and spread it over the whole stain area. Remove any excess. Repeat the process adding additional yogurt. Agitate it from different angles using the edges of the spoon. Dilute the yogurt and remove it with a cloth. Do this by spraying the stain with water and removing with a dry cloth or paper towel. Repeat until all the yogurt is gone. Your rug should now be ready to entertain guests again.

Sometimes, it’s simply not realistic to remove a stain yourself- maybe you left the stain for too long, it’s quite large, or the methods above aren’t working.

Don’t despair! Your rug can be restored. Just take it in for a professional cleaning at Behnam Rugs. We’ll return it to you completely stain free, with all odors removed.

Rug Cleaning Disasters: When an Inexperienced Individual Tries to Clean a Rug

Rug Cleaning Disasters: When an Inexperienced Individual Tries to Clean a Rug

Damaged Rug

Recently, a customer brought a fine Egyptian 100% silk rug in to Behnam Rugs that had been treated with chemicals to remove a pet stain as well as thrown in the washing machine.

The homeowners entrusted the care of their rug to their housekeeper who first used a carpet cleaning product to try and remove the stain and odor. When the first household cleaner did not remove the stain, she tried another, and another cleaner, layering chemicals deep into the rug’s pile.

When this did not work, she threw the rug into the washing machine, along with a few others for good measure, effectively ruining all but the rug brought in to us. The rugs experienced shrinkage, deep creases, and uneven borders.

Behnam Rugs is one of the only companies that utilize blocking to rectify shrinkage. After washing, we block the rug in a rectangular frame larger than the rug. When the rug is crooked or uneven, we use the frame to clamp and pull the uneven portion until it matches the rest of the rug. This is an effective process that requires us to create a frame especially for your rug, which most companies don’t bother to do.

The rugs that didn’t make it were permanently creased and also unable to lay flat due to the fibers of these delicate rugs getting bunched and stretched out by the washing cycle and heat.

Here’s why both these cleaning approaches are huge mistakes.

A fine rug is not the same as a carpet, and you should never use carpet cleaning products on it.

Carpet cleaning products use strong chemicals to try and remove stains.

Some of the harmful ingredients found in commercial carpet cleaning solutions include formaldehyde, acids, lye, ammonia, chlorine, and other dangerous chemicals harmful not just to your fine rug but also to your health and the health of your pets.

The chemical reactions that occur can stain the rug further as well as damage the fibers, whether they’re wool, silk, or cotton.

Carpets are generally made of synthetic fibers that can handle harsher chemicals when it comes to removing a stain.

The rug brought into us had a chemical stain, not from the pet urine, but from the attempted treatment with carpet cleaners.

At Behnam Rugs we use mild organic shampoos as well as live bacteria enzymes that effectively eat the odors in your fine rug.

These two approaches to cleaning are gentle on rugs but tough on dirt and odors.

Our hand washing methods have been passed down for generations from Old Persia and were invented to care for exquisite pieces that are not made to withstand harsh chemicals and washing machines. We gently wash silk rugs by hand in order to restore the rug without damaging the silk fibers.

Never take your fine rug to a carpet cleaner, as the same mistakes this housekeeper made at home will be repeated by these companies.

At Behnam Rugs we believe that when it comes to rug cleaning, experience matters. If you decide to spot clean your rug at home, please read our article in the Dallas Morning News first.

Ben Tavakolian for the Dallas Morning News

Why Do Some Rugs Still Smell After They are Washed?

Dirt removed by massaging the rug

Why Do Some Rugs Still Smell After They are Washed?

The dirt hiding in your rug’s pile is destroying your fine rug. Over time, dust and debris travel down from the top of you rug to settle in the pile. This can cause your rug to smell, but even worse, it can damage the fibers of your rug and create micro-tears, causing the foundation to wear away, revealing threadbare patches.

So, where does this damaging debris come from, how does it build up over the years, and how can you remove it?

The debris that settles into the pile of your rug typically comes from the daily use of the rug. Pet dander, hair, and urine, skin cells, dirt from outside, food particles, and humidity create the perfect environment for a type of clay mixed with microorganisms to form in the rug’s pile. Vacuuming just pushes this clay deeper into the foundation of your rug. Foot traffic grinds it in as well.

Some types of dirt, such as sand, have sharp edges that can cut the strands of the rug’s wool fibers. This causes fibers to be added to the dirt trapped in your rug, making larger and larger amounts of damaging debris laying in the pile. As your rug experiences foot traffic and vacuuming, the dirt trapped in the pile moves and cuts more and more fibers. Eventually, the foundation of the rug becomes exposed due to a loss of density.

Dirt in the rug's pile
This is a cross section of a rug that demonstrates where the dust gets trapped over time.

As the density decreases, the sharpness of the design of your rug lessens over time, eventually becoming blurry and threadbare. In addition, this debris can be malodorous and contain many allergens that irritate your immune system. Your guests may notice a smell when they enter your home that you have become nose blind to.

We highly recommend that you vacuum your rug face down every year or two to loosen this clay that is no doubt trapped in the body of your rug. Never use the vacuum’s beater brush when vacuuming your handmade rug’s face. Once the buildup is loosened you can vacuum at least some of it out.

This will extend the life of your rug, but simply vacuuming at home is not enough. Every three to five years your rug needs to be professionally cleaned to remove this damaging substance. Waiting too long will cause your rug to become threadbare and the design to become blurry.

Dirt removed
These are the magnified particles that are hiding in your rug.

In conclusion, what can you do about this clay lying in the pile and slowly destroying your rug?

The best thing to do is have it professionally cleaned. Behnam Rugs uses a traditional Persian hand washing method that removes this damaging clay. Sometimes, washing alone is not enough to remove the dirt and odor from deep within the rug’s pile. When this happens, the team at Behnam beats both sides of the rug with wood paddles, as well as rolls up the rug with the back side facing up and massages the rug, loosening the debris.

Our deep tissue rug massage is sure to remove this harmful clay by breaking up and loosening the dirt and debris. Once removed, the odor trapped in your rug disappears, and your rug is once more ready to be a centerpiece in your home.

If the rug is professionally washed and still has odor, it for sure has sand and dirt trapped inside the pile and foundation. The longevity of your fine rug depends on how often it is washed and how well the dust and debris is removed.

When it comes to rugs and their care, experience matters.