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March 21st, 2020: POSTPONED: Estate Plan Your Rugs or Gamble with Your Assets Behnam Rugs celebrates 41 years

Past Events

October 19th, 2019: Real or Fake? Fraud or Value?

Attendees learned how to spot rug fraud and found out the true value of their fine rugs.

Owner and rug expert Ben Tavakolian revealed the places most likely to scam you with a fake rug sale.

June 8th 2019: Rug, Dog, and Wine

Attendees learned about the differences between tufted and handmade rugs.

Ben Tavakolian expounded upon the reasons why dogs can spell trouble for your rug, what to do if and when they decide to mark their territory, and how to prevent future accidents.

March 16th 2019: Rug Shopping Abroad

Attendees learned what to buy and what not to buy.

Ben Tavakolian trained attendees on how to negotiate a better rug price abroad.

Behnam Rugs hosts events each quarter that are free to the public. The lecture series is composed of educational events that benefit attendees by sharing information on different rug-relevant topics.

Persian brunch is served and attendees enjoy food and beverages while owner and rug expert Ben Tavakolian shares his expertise. These learning experiences teach the public about rug ownership, rug shopping, rug maintenance and care, how to avoid scams, and most recently, how to integrate your fine handmade rugs into your estate plan.

Make sure to sign up to attend the fourth event in the lecture series on March 21st from 10 am to 1 pm. You will learn vital information about estate planning, donation for a tax benefit, creating a rug portfolio, trading, selling, and more.

Every event goes over Rug 101- a short yet illuminating lecture that details everything a rug owner should know about fine handmade rugs. Children and dogs are always welcome to attend.

Signs You and Your Persian Rug Are Made for Each Other

Are You and Your Persian Rug Made for Each Other?

Finding the perfect rugHow do you know that Persian or Oriental rugs are right for you? That you’re ready to purchase these textile works of art? And, more to the point, how do you know when a particular rug is the perfect rug for you? Read below.

Rug Attraction

Signs that you’re ready to buy a fine, hand-knotted Persian or Oriental rug:

  1. You know who you are.

The days of experimenting and “trying on” different personas (hipster, boho, always-striving-college-student-even-though-you’re-32-now, artiste, workaholic, etc.) are long gone. You know who you are and you know you enjoy things that will last, things that have heft, things that have history. You may – or may not – be settling down and purchasing a home. But you’re comfortable in your skin: you’ve emotionally “arrived” and know clearly who you are.

  1. You have the funds to pay for these not-inexpensive textiles.

You don’t have to be wealthy to afford an Oriental or Persian rug, but you’re not living month-to-month or paycheck-to-paycheck. You have stability in your income, whether you’re an employee or if you’ve built a successful business. You may be an investor – in real estate, the stock market, etc. – and you’ve decided to invest in your home’s décor by purchasing a furnishing that may (or may not) increase in value over the decades. (You’re also buying the rug as an investment in beauty, not in the hopes the rug will rise in monetary value.)

  1. You’ve done – or are willing to perform – extensive research on Persian and Oriental rugs.

These rugs shouldn’t be purchased on a whim, or when you see a “pretty rug.” Or when you find a rug that “goes” with your bedroom décor. Yes, the rug’s design should add to a room’s ambience, but you shouldn’t buy it because its “pop” of orange goes well with your accent wall. Instead, you need to begin reading about the history of these rugs and start learning the difference between a hand-knotted rug and one that is hand-tufted or even machine-made. You also should visit a few rug dealers to see these rugs yourself and ask even more questions as you continue your education.

Signs that a particular rug is “the one.”

  • While you may fall in love with a particular just as you begin your search, we urge you to wait and continue looking. You still may well purchase this rug, but (especially if you’re just starting your research), it’s best to wait.
  • There’s just something about the rug. It speaks to you somehow, or evokes some kind of pleasant emotion, or even memory.
  • Its design and colors go well with the décor of the room in which you plan to place it. A floral design, for example, may be too “flowery” if the style of the room and its furniture is “techno,” with sharp edges. (However, a floral rug could “soften” the room’s “harshness.”)
  • It’s within your budget. You always should start shopping with a firm budget in mind, asking the Persian rug dealer to show you rugs only in that price range. This helps ensure that you won’t fall in love with a rug that could break your wallet.

There’s a rug out there for everyone, no matter what type of décor you have back home, no matter your price point. Call 972-733-0400 to schedule a virtual showroom tour.