Rug Cleaning Dallas

Rug Cleaning Dallas

Posted on April 9, 2019

Rug Cleaning is an essential service that Behnam Rugs has offered for over 40 years in Dallas. Its spring time and all over the northern hemisphere people are cleaning house, especially cleaning their oriental rugs as well as their Persian handmade rugs. In the old days, households use to have a special crew come in to wash the individual Persian rugs right there. But today, it is not possible to have rug washing and rug cleaning happen in your backyard. Behnam Rugs of Dallas provides a complimentary rug pickup. Give us a call at (972) 733-0400 and schedule rug cleaning service. As the weather improves, the turnaround for rug cleaning and drying is much faster. You will get your rug in no time.

For the health of your Persian Rug, we recommend you get a new fitted rug pad.

As you stop by our showroom, take a look at our many rug styles, designs, and sizes. If you have any questions, we are here to provide you an answer. We also offer periodical rug seminars at our showroom. Simply give us a call or sign up on our email list. We will update you on our next event. Please visit us at 18000 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75252.

Rug Cleaning







Posted on March 30, 2019

We specialize in authentic handmade rugs. Visit our boutique bazaar showcasing our fine handmade rugs at our rug gallery on 18000 Preston Road, Dallas, TX 75252. Our store hours are Monday through Saturday from 9:00am to 5:30pm. If you want to schedule an appointment for an appraisal or rug pickup, please call us at 972-733-0400.

Behnam Rugs proudly services the Dallas/Fort-Worth and North Texas area. We host seminars at our showroom and explain many topics. If you wish to participate in some of our seminars, please call us with your questions and we will be delighted to provide you an answer.

In short Behnam Rugs stands for all things rug related:

Behnam Rugs prides itself on using authentic Persian rug cleaning techniques that keep your rugs healthy for many lifetimes to come. We specializes in oriental rug washing for all kind of handmade area rugs and Persian rugs.

We offer complimentary pickup and delivery service. Be sure to take the tour of our unique facility in Dallas, TX. Please call us at 972-733-0400 or visit us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter  For further questions please visit our Yelp page and leave us a review. Thank you!

Weather related damages on your Persian and Oriental rugs.

Let us help you recover your rugs from bad weather this season.

Weather can cause many problems. Behnam Rugs is there to restore and repair your fine rugs. We have helped many customers in the past by restoring their rugs after a water leak through their roof, or a broken skylight let in hail and rain /debris, and cracked windows put glass, dirt and sheet rock in and on their rugs.

Due to the high absorbency of rugs, water rising slowly and leaking into rugs over time water damage might not be noticed as fast as other weather related damages.  Water being absorbed into your fine rugs  could go on for days without a sound of running water letting the homeowners know there is a problem.

If sitting water is not removed fast it will cause mildew, color bleeding, rot and even the rugs foundation to be damaged.  We would like to be the ones to remove your wet rugs safely.

Let Behnam Rugs pick up all your weather damaged, water damaged rugs. Then we will correctly wash and restore any color bleeding, damaged areas by washing, reweaving and patching affected areas as needed.

We offer a long list of restoration, cleaning and repair options please visit our website for more detail.  Click Here for more Information

weather damaged rug
weather damaged rug, water leak rug

Pick the Right Rug Padding

Does My Rug Need Padding?

Yes, all rugs need padding. When you walk on your rug, you do not want to move the foundation of the rug. Installing padding underneath your rug helps the rug not to move, and it helps preserve the quality of the knots in your rug, too.

When a rug is installed without padding, its shape will distort over time. Your rug will lose its shape, be it rectangular or round, simply from being shifted and moved frequently. Padding will prevent this, and it will help to extend the life of your rug.

When you walk on a rug with padding installed, it feels softer and more comfortable under your feet. You also won’t have to worry about your rug slipping underneath you and causing an accident, and yes, this CAN happen on carpeted floors, too. Because it can absorb some impact, padding can increase the life of your rug by as much as 40%. The most absorbent type of padding is felt. For further questions please call us at (972)733-0400.

What Kind of Padding Do I Need?

Rug padding materials perform differently based on the material of the rug. Ask us to help you pick the right padding material for your rug. We will also cut the padding to the shape of your rug.

For many years, hair and jute based pads were the only varieties available. Felt pads are newer, and we recommend this material for most types of rugs. Felt is made of recycled, synthetic materials. Moths will not eat these fibers, and the synthetic fibers of felt are longer lasting than the hair and jute fibers. The firmness and stability of synthetic felt also give it the advantage of being able to eliminate any ripples and bumps that can cause uneven wear when a rug lies on the floor without a pad. To be truly effective, a half inch thick pad is needed.

Unfortunately, felt rugs can still slip underneath smaller rugs, even if the padding is dense. For smaller rugs, we recommend purchasing rubber padding. Be careful not to mix rubber padding with sponge or foam padding. We do not recommend sponge or foam padding, as they are too soft and can bottom out- stressing the foundation of Oriental rugs. This is especially applicable to thin, finely woven rugs, flat weaves, or antique rugs. Sponge and foam padding can disintegrate and even stick to wood floors.

One of the best types of rug padding on the market is a fourth-inch thick synthetic felt bonded to a thin, solid rubber backing. This type of padding can serve two purpose. First, it is excellent at anchoring the rug to your floor, preventing slipping. Second, its felt layer helps to extend the life of your rug. As previously mentioned, a rug without padding can slide around and cause serious falls and injuries. This type of padding is recommended for all scatter rugs and area rugs that do not have a thick foundation, such as antique rugs, needlepoint, Aubusson tapestries, and flat weaves. Another benefit of this type of padding is that it can also be used on thick rugs. It is thinner than synthetic felt and will not add on to the thickness of your rug. You can even place this padding on top of carpet. It eliminates rippling, buckling, and adjusting, even on wall to wall carpeted areas.

Rubber or Vinyl & Felt
Rubber padding on the Left and “Black” padding on the right with vinyl and felt.

Last Updated: 20 July 2017

About the Cleaning Services at Behnam Rugs

Has your rug been washed lately? Behnam Rugs recommends that you wash your rugs at least every three to five years. If your rug is in an area that receives a lot of traffic, we recommend washing your rug more frequently. “But where do I even get my rug washed?” Right here! Behnam Rugs not only sells rugs- we clean them, too!

When it comes to rug cleaning, experience matters. Since 1978, Persian Rug Cleaner has been a trusted name in Persian and Oriental rug cleaning in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. Our experts know how to clean all types of rugs, from machine made to handmade antiques, and have experience washing everything from cotton to wool to silk- and much more, too.

Although we only sell handmade rugs, we wash all sorts of rugs! Every rug is priceless to its owner, and we would love to restore your rug to its natural beauty for you.

With over three generations of experience, we know how to treat our customers and their rugs with respect. We choose to use the traditional Persian hand-washing method to clean rugs. This method takes longer, but your rug will last longer, too. Machine washing can easily stress handmade Persian rugs, especially those made from natural fibers such as wool and silk. Does your rug have any pet stains? Have no fear! Let Behnam Rugs know and we will use our special enzyme wash to clean those pet stains.

Want to Know More?

If you’d like to learn more about the cleaning services Behnam Rug offers, you can call us at 972-733-0400, e-mail us at, visit us any time Monday through Saturday from 9AM to 5:30PM, or you can explore our website.