Water Damage on Your Rugs

Damaged rugHow to Clean a Water Damaged Rug

This blog is all about rescuing rugs affected by hail damage, roof damage, water leaks, flash flooding, broken skylights, and more. Behnam Rugs is here to help.

Before Behnam Rugs can pick up your rugs to clean and sanitize them, there are a few steps you can take to minimize any damage.

1. Carefully remove debris from your rugs. We cannot stress the emphasis on carefully enough! There could be tiny pieces of glass in your rug, and you won’t find out until you step on one. Wear protective shoes while removing debris. Remove what you can, but please do not hurt yourself trying to do more than that. Wearing gloves while removing debris can make the process a bit safer.
2. If your rug is wet or even partially wet, dry it by using a towel to absorb excess water. If you have access to a water extractor, you may consider using it. If you are not 100% sure on how to operate a water extractor, it’s best to not do anything with it at all, however.
3. Use a fan to dry your rugs if there is even a chance that your rug may be wet. Do not use a hair dryer or anything that uses heat to dry. This will harm your rug. Dehumidifiers can help as well.
4. If your rug is in an area that could receive run-off water, remove it from the area immediately. Run-off water could potentially contain chemicals that will damage your rug and permanently change its color.

Taking these steps will prevent color runs and bleeding, as well as damage to the rug’s fibers and dyes.

If your rug is already showing signs of color bleeding, worry not! Behnam rugs specializes in fixing color bleeding in rugs. Call us at 972-733-0400. We can also restore the pile of your rug and restore antique rugs if these are services you need, too. If your rug has been damaged, contact Behnam Rugs as soon as possible. The sooner you tackle a rug problem, the better the results will be, especially when you’re dealing with water damage. Remember, if you let your rug sit in water for more than 24 hours, there is a high chance of mold occurring. Mold can be dangerous to you as well as extremely harmful to your rug.

If you are not able to return to your rugs or if they have been damaged beyond repair (or totaled- your rug can be totaled just like a car!), contact us at 972-733-0400. and we will prepare an appraisal for insurance purposes. As long as you have some photographs of your rug and records of the sale or records of what kind of rug you had, we can make an appraisal for you. Talk to your insurance provider to see if the cost of your rug or rug restoration can be covered.

How to Save Your Rugs After a Flood

How to Save a Flooded Rug

When water pipes in your house freeze and break, your sink or toilet overflows, your washing machine or water heater breaks a hose, your skylight cracks, or your roof leafs, it seems that the water always finds its way to the most valuable things in your home. While we cannot offer much advice on how to save your computer, we can help you save your rug.

Persian and Oriental rugs are naturally absorbent due to the qualities of their fibers. If you have a wool rug or a wool blend rug, your rug will be especially absorbent. When your home is flooded, the water that fills it is not pure. It is often dirty and mixed with chemicals and waste. This water can cause color run-off and damage to the fibers of your rug.

When your rug has received water damage, the first thing to do is to extract the excess water out of the rug as soon as possible. You can blot it with towels or cloth. The longer that water sits in your rug, the more likely that it will experience lasting damage. Mold begins to grow in as little as 48 hours. If you have access to a water extractor, and you know how to use it, use it.

If you have access to a water extractor, but you are not 100% sure on how to use it, do not use it. The damage from flooding can be reversed. The damage from mishandling a rug with a water extractor might not be so easily fixed.

Soaked rugs tend to have colors run or bleed, and they also emit a moldy or musty smell. Your rug’s foundation will also weaken the longer you leave the water in the rug. All of this could result in permanent damage to your rug. It is important that you call a professional rug cleaner to help you with your rug so that permanent damage does not occur.

Behnam Rug will be able to completely extract the water from your rug, remove any mold, eliminate odors, and reverse color bleeding/color running. We also provide rug patching services for rugs that have experienced water damage in a small and specific area. Behnam Rugs provides all of these services and more, so contact us if you need assistance.

You may be able to have your insurance provider cover the cost of cleaning and repair. At Behnam Rugs, we can assist you with settling insurance cases, rug appraisals, and insurance quotes. You should always have an up-to-date appraisal, as most insurance companies will not honor an appraisal older than three years.

For more information about water damage, flooded rugs, insurance claims, and Persian rugs in general, please call 972-733-0400.

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How to Prepare Your Rug for Flooding, Storms, and Hurricanes

2019 Dallas Tornado Damage: What to do and How to Prepare for Future Storms

Tornado Destroyed Home2019 Dallas Tornado Damage: Saving Your Rugs

Nearly two weeks after the devastating tornadoes hit we are still receiving calls about rugs trapped under debris. If you need an asset recovery assessment, we work with insurance to settle damaged rugs. As part of our service we do free evaluations and appraisals for your insurance company for damage due to the 2019 Dallas area tornadoes.

Behnam Rugs is sharing storm preparation tips to keep your fine rugs safe from damage in the future. Following these preventative measures will hopefully mean you don’t have to use home owner’s insurance to replace your rug.

The first thing you’ll want to do is roll up your rugs and put them somewhere at least 10 inches above the floor. If you live in a two story house, move the rugs upstairs.

If you can, store the rugs in a windowless room. Wrap the rugs in plastic for the time being (never keep your rugs in plastic for an extended period of time). Keep the rug vertical wherever you choose to store it, as other methods lead to creases.

Take photographs of all the things you own for insurance purposes. Behnam Rugs can evaluate your rug from a picture if it is trapped in your home.

Seal or cover window frames so that water and debris have a harder time getting in.

Elevate anything that could rust. Unplug appliances and move them several feet from the ground.

Place furniture tabs under furnishings so that they don’t bleed into carpet or mark the floor.

Remember, if you choose not to move your area rug to higher ground, it will become a sponge that generates mold and mildew within 48 hours.

If you rug suffers water damage, clean and extract the water within 24-48 hours to avoid mold and color runs. Some antique rugs and rugs that use vegetable dye are less likely to experience color running. If your rug has been exposed to water for longer than 48 hours, you will need to take it to a professional for cleaning and mold removal before the fibers rot.

When the rug lays on the floor while storm water courses over it, it acts as a filter and debris goes deep into the rug’s foundation before the water runs off. This debris becomes trapped and must be removed by a professional.

The first thing you need to do if your rug gets wet is dry it. Remove the water and then use fans to air it out.

Or, take the wet rug to Behnam Rugs as soon as possible for immediate washing.

It is not always possible to save rugs with water damage, but Behnam Rugs will do their best to salvage your fine rug if it does get wet. First we extract the water and dry the rug, then we wash it and dry it again.Remember, timing is key. Dry a wet rug as soon as possible to increase the chances of rescuing the rug. Call 972-733-0400.

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