The Art of Rug Weaving

What is Persian Rug Weaving?

By Rassin R. | December 22, 2018 |

What is Persian Rug Weaving?  Persian rug weaving is an ancient art of textile making that uses a loom and different fibers. The loom is usually made from wood. It usually comes in a rectangle shape and the fibers or threads are spun tightly vertically from one side to the other in a loop shape. These vertical threads are called “Warp”. The wool or silk that is used to make the knots are called “Weft”. These looms are mostly standing upright, yet, they can be placed flat on the ground.
The fibers or yarn as we know are sheered from sheep or goat coat, then washed and spun into wool yarn. Natural colors are made of various leaves, seeds, roots, that create beautiful and durable natural dyes that the yarn is essentially soaked and cooked into those dyes. Subsequently, left outside to dry. Once this process is done, colored yarn is selected to be hand knotted into the loom. There are three different knots that can be used to make hand-knotted rugs. Senneh or Persian Knot; Ghiordes or Turkish Knot; and the Jufti Knot. Each knot is unique and creates the thickness that is known as the “pile” of rug.

It is a gender neutral art that has employed many people throughout the centuries.  In early years a rug was used as a media to tell a tale. Museum rug pieces tell a tale of wars, hunting scenes, games, architectural buildings, and nature scenes; which usually are knotted in a double-knot with silk-on-silk-loom. This means the warp is silk and the weft is silk. These particular rugs are very expensive and hard to come by. They are considered a national pride and exhibited at museums or special galleries worldwide.

In recent years, when production of handmade Persian rugs have been extended to countries such as India, Pakistan, and China; Persian handmade rugs have become more affordable and less detained. The handmade rugs are distinctly different than the machine made rugs. The backside of each rug is a mere image of the front and feels smooth.  Whereas machine made rugs are tufted and have a rough back-side and are dull.

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