What Exactly Are Transitional Rugs?


Interior Design: What Exactly Are Transitional Rugs?

What Does Transitional Even Mean?

Perhaps you’ve heard the term “transitional” used before when browsing for a new rug. You might be wondering what that term even means. Maybe you’ve asked yourself, “Isn’t transitional the same thing as contemporary?” The answer to that question? Not quite, but you’re on the right track!

Transitional rugs are a blend between contemporary (modern) styles and traditional styles. A contemporary rug might feature bold colors and patterns that you would never even imagine on a traditional rug. A transitional rug might feature those same bold colors but use a traditional pattern instead. That traditional pattern might be simplified and made more “up-to-date” by removing the border or adding a chic trim. In short, transitional rugs draw inspiration from both modern and traditional designs.

Should I Buy a Transitional Rug?

These rugs are quickly becoming quite stylish, and because of this, the demand for them has increased. Now you might be wondering if transitional rugs are a good investment, like traditional rugs tend to be. At Behnam Rugs, we believe that every rug is a good investment as long as it makes you happy. After all, there’s no point in hanging even a priceless antique rug in your home if you don’t actually like it!

Value wise, transitional rugs are currently a good investment. Do keep in mind that styles come and go, however, so while your rug might hold its value for the next year or so, no one can say what the design trends after that will be. We never suggest buying a rug based on what it might end up being worth simply because trends are often unpredictable.

What Types of Rugs are Currently Popular?

Currently, blues in a range of shades are on trend, as well as bold and multicolored rugs. Subtle, muted neutrals like beige and grey have been popular for some time now, too. Colors mainly associated with tribal rugs, such as various shades of brown and orange, faded blue, and red are picking up in popularity.

Design-wise, we are noticing many people opting for what we would describe as “traditional-esque” patterns. These are generic ornate and floral patterns that have no distinct origin. For example, you would not be able to call the design a Tabriz floral pattern. Understated patterns are popular too, as they add to the overall vibe of a room without overpowering other elements. As always, Persian and Oriental rugs are what many people want due to their classic style that is always en vogue.

More Questions? Ready to See Some Transitional Rugs?

If you have any further questions on transitional rugs, please feel free to call Behnam Rugs at 972-733-0400 or visit us during our store hours. With over 42 years of experience, you know you can count on the experts at Behnam Rugs to help you find the perfect rug. Check out our rug request form if you know exactly what kind of rug you’re looking for.

Here are just a few of the transitional rugs you can find in our showroom! Check out our Instagram for even more photos of our rugs.