How Mold Can Enter Your Home and Damage Your Rug

How Can Mold Get to Your Persian Rug?

You may think mold could never make it to your Persian rug, but the truth is that mold could be growing right now. Please check your rugs frequently.

There are numerous ways that your Persian rug can become a host to a variety of fungi, bacteria, mycobacteria, and actinomycetes molds. Consistently and constantly monitoring your rugs for mold growth is the best way to prevent irreversible damage.

Due to the absorbent qualities of wool, water and moisture can easily make their way into many Persian rugs. Because of this, small and common occurrences in your household might just be what sparks mildew growth in your Persian rug. Some of these occurrences could be a small, slow leak from plumping, a leak air conditioning system, a dripping sprinkler system, or a potted plant sitting a little too close to your rug. As mildew grows, it becomes destructive and creates rotting on the foundation of your rug, and eventually surrounding areas, such as your flooring, walls, and furniture.

Mold can also cause illness. If you have detected mold in your house, before you worry about your rug or any other items in your house, please take care of your own health. Read the following article to see if you may be showing any symptoms of mold related illnesses.

This Persian rug is rotting away due to mold and mildew damage.

How Do I Restore My Rugs After They Have Been Damaged by Mold?
Mold is not only pesky, but it is dangerous, too. Please make sure you take your rug to a professional after detecting mold growing in your home. If mold is not properly removed, it can still come back and wreak havoc once more.

When your rug is professionally washed and cleaned at Behnam Rugs, we will wash it with our special live bacteria enzyme wash made specifically for mold. A light, acidic vinegar will be applied to your rug. It will kill the mold but not your rug! We will also dry your rug in natural, direct ultraviolet sunlight in order to kill any leftover mold and odor.