Did I Just See a Moth on MY Persian Rug?

What to do when You Spot a Moth on Your Rug

A Dirty Rug is a Yummy Rug! (For Moths)

Dust and dirt are important to remove off of your rugs for a few reasons. Obviously, you want to live in a clean home, and part of a clean home is a clean rug. There are some less obvious reasons, though.

Did you know that dust and dirt have tiny, sharp edges that work against the pile of your rug? What exactly does that mean? It means that the fibers of your rug are being stressed and they’ll wear out faster than normal. Another huge reason to keep your rugs clean? Moths. The dirtier your rug is, the more appetizing it is for these pests.

The photos below might just look like dusty or dirty rugs, but look a little closer. That’s a huge patch of moth damage- not dirt!

Moth activity on a Persian rug
Moth activity on a Persian rug.


is your persian rug dirty or does it have moth damage
Dusty rug? Think again! Those are moths.

Does this sound familiar? Do these photos look like your rug at home? Don’t freak out! It’s not the end of the world.

My Rug Looks Like That! Help!

There are sanitation and restoration options for you. That’s right- your rug can be cleaned and repaired. Take a deep breath and read on.

First and foremost, you’ll want to take your rugs out of your home. They need to be washed by a professional. Behnam Rugs offers free pick up and delivery within the DFW area. Give us a call and we’ll pick your rug up for cleaning for you.

What’s going to happen to your rugs? They’re going to be washed and sanitized. Not only will your rug look clean, but it’ll be clean too. No more moths in your favorite rug’s fibers! While your rugs are being cleaned, we ask that you clean the rest of your home, too. It would be horrible to have your rug cleaned and repaired just to have it be re-infested.

Will My Rug Ever Be the Same?

You’re probably wondering something big- “Will my rug ever be the same again?” At Behnam Rugs, we’ll do our best to make sure every rug goes back to its owner looking as good as new. We know you love your rug. We love your rug, too! That’s why we only use methods we’d trust with our own rugs. Your rug will be cleaned the traditional, natural way. The last thing an infested rug needs is to be made weaker by harsh chemical washes. We will use our organic wash to bring your rug back to its original beauty. We never use machines on your fine rugs. Call 972-733-0400 to schedule cleaning.

Take a look! This is the same rug that you saw earlier in this post. That’s the magic of Behnam Rugs!

A moth damage rug after being washed and restored.
A moth damaged rug after being washed and restored.


Restored Moth Damage Rug
Can you believe this rug used to have huge sections of moth damage?

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