Wool Rug Cleaning


Posted on March 22, 2019; by Rassin R.

Behnam Rugs is an expert in “Wool Rug Cleaning” in Dallas. We have been cleaning rugs since 1978 with the same tools and processes as wool rugs are cleaned back in Persia.
It is advised not to use rotary brushes and vacuums and harsh chemicals. When at home, always use a damp cloth and clean water with gentle soaps to spot remove. But at Behnam Rugs, we use specialized organic shampoos and tools that are made for wool rug cleaning.

The reason why we are opposed to rotary brushes and vacuums is for their circular rotation of the bristles, that cause the hand knotted wool to loosen and eventually come out. It is costly to repair an original handmade Persian rug. Best to get your rug professionally cleaned and avoid discoloration and repairs.

Behnam Rugs also does professional rug installation in Dallas. We are one of the fastest rug appraisal places in Dallas. As a specialist, we offer antique rug cleaning.  

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